Tuesday, December 12, 2023

EmbraerX spin-off Eve project to shape the future of Urban Air Mobility

It is believed that air taxis will speed up passenger transportation within cities, as well as reduce the burden on public transport and reduce traffic congestion. For this reason, today, many companies in different countries around the world are developing air taxis of different classes.

Eve Urban Air Mobility Solutions (Eve), a subsidiary company of EmbraerX, has been launched as a new independent company dedicated to accelerating the so-called Urban Air Mobility (UAM) ecosystem. It is already developing a complete portfolio of solutions to prepare the UAM market, including the development and certification of the electric takeoff and vertical landing (eVTOL) vehicle of the company.

The Eve project will build on the modified version of Embraer’s electric motor-driven eVTOL concept model shown at Uber Elevate 2019 in Los Angeles. This now assumes eight electric motor-driven rotors for the vertical lift and two ducted fans for the horizontal drive.

We value the vast potential of the UAM market, as it represents a new business segment in which we foresee significant opportunities for Embraer. Innovation and diversification are key pillars of Embraer’s new strategic plan, which will increase revenue and improve profitability over the next few years,” said Francisco Gomes Neto, President, and CEO of Embraer. “Eve stands primed to create a new frontier in transportation with intelligent, environmentally friendly, autonomous-ready aircraft and the associated ubiquitous support and urban air traffic management solutions.”

EmbraerX, Uber, and other companies are together exploring the possibilities of the ‘Uber Elevate ecosystem.’ This research should ultimately lead to the market launch of an electric motor-driven VTOL aircraft that meets the needs of air travelers in urban and urban areas. Uber is also developing related infrastructure.

Eve’s launch is an important next step in commercializing Embraer’s eVTOL designs while building on Embraer’s ability to design, certify, and deliver safe, globally-accepted aircraft. We look forward to our continued partnership to make aerial ridesharing a reality,” said Eric Allison, Head of Uber Elevate.