Saturday, June 22, 2024

Electramar, a highly energy-efficient plug-in hybrid vessel

AtoB@C Shipping, a subsidiary of ESL Shipping, is taking a bold step toward zero-emission shipping with an innovative fleet. The company has taken delivery of Electramar, the first vessel in the series of twelve highly energy-efficient plug-in hybrid vessels.

The first two in the series, Electramar and Stellamar, were launched in June and October, respectively. Now, Electramar is ready to enter commercial service and is a significant step towards a greener future in the shipping industry.

Electramar is a new-generation vessel that boasts a powerful powertrain that can run on shore power and renewable fuel. This feature would significantly reduce emissions and make the vessel environment-friendly. Electramar is also designed to integrate wind propulsion in the future, making it future-proof and compatible with multiple technologies.

The vessel’s hybrid system includes a 1 MWh battery pack that provides superior fuel efficiency and the possibility to minimize noise and emissions while in port. In addition, Electramar can operate with zero emissions and no noise throughout each port stay, thanks to shore power connectivity. The vessel promises to reduce CO2 emission levels per cargo unit by up to 50% compared to the present generation of vessels.

This new-generation vessel is a whopping 89.9-meter-long (295-foot) bulk carrier with a 4,135 GT. It boasts of integrating green features without compromising on performance. The new vessels are officially ice-classed and combine hybrid-electric propulsion with an even greater capacity than the current fleet. This makes it capable of transporting goods safely throughout the year and in challenging weather conditions.

Additionally, the vessels are optimized for a wide variety of bulk and breakbulk products. Thanks to the crew accommodation and the bridge at the bow, the vessels have a long, unobstructed deck, which enables loading more deck cargo and longer project cargoes than present vessels in the fleet. This design modification alone has resulted in a 20% capacity increase, making it more versatile in terms of the type of bulk cargo it can carry.

“We are proud to be at the forefront of green shipping with these innovative vessels that combine high efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability. Electramar is the first of many vessels that will help us achieve our vision of being the most responsible and reliable partner for our customers and stakeholders”, says Mikki Koskinen, Managing Director of ESL Shipping and Chairman of the Board of AtoB@C Shipping.