CO2 emission

Toyota and Hino to develop a heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell truck

The aim is to tackle CO2 emission by targeting one of the biggest emitters: commercial vehicles.

Wello Family, an electric tricycle powered by the SUN

Wello Family bike-EV hybrid uses pedals, a battery and optional solar panels.

Mazda claims long-range EVs are more polluting than diesel cars

Here is the answer why the Mazda MX-30 has a very small battery.

Japan introduces the world’s first liquid hydrogen transport vessel

This vessel was developed to provide a means of transporting liquefied hydrogen at 1/800 of its original gas-state volume.

Re:newcell found a way to turn used clothes into new recyclable garments

Turning used cotton and viscose into new biodegradable pulp, which in turn can be made into new garments.

Heliogen’s new tech can replace fossil fuels in critical industrial processes

Using Artificial Intelligence, the startup has managed to reach record temperatures that exceed 1000° C.

easyJet, the first major airline to offset CO2 emissions by planting trees

The British airline expects to spend up to £25 million on environmental projects like planting trees.

Airbus’ fello’fly seeks nature inspiration to improve aircraft environmental performance

Airbus’ fello’fly project aims to demonstrate the technical, operational and commercial viability of two aircraft flying together for long-haul flights.

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