Monday, December 4, 2023

The DRL Racer4 Street, first pro-level racing drone available to all

If you have ever seen drone racing on TV, it might be DRL (Drone Racing League), which is the premier racing league. When the new season of DRL premieres on August 11th, a dozen top pilots will be racing the fourth iteration of its high-speed First Person View drone. For the first time, the DRL has released a street-ready version of its latest pro flyer available to all.

The drone called the DRL Racer4 Street, can accelerate from zero to 90 mph within a second. It features the same power system as the Racer4 Pro racing drone that has a 2,200mAh lithium-polymer battery pack, offering long flight times with little sag. Additionally, it comes with 1,250 kW motors, DShot 600 ESCs, an F4 flight controller, TBS VTX, and a Foxeer Predator camera.

Custom-designed, massive stators offer a quick, sizable torque curve that generates over 1,850g (4lb) of thrust. Four tri-blade props combine to generate over 16 lb of thrust.

Modular internals, plug & play, no wires.
Modular internals, plug & play, no wires.

Besides, all of the components will be tucked away under the low poly polycarbonate canopy, which is covered with colorful LED lights. The DRL Racer4 has 1,000 LEDs, while Racer4 Street has 100 LEDs, which can animate designs and patterns as you fly. It should be a strong and durable frame, but bad things can happen if you crash at 90 mph.

However, in the event of a crash, the modular design can be fairly easy to take apart, tinker, or repair. Its electronics system will be redesigned to support off-the-shelf and plug-and-play parts, so you can easily find components and fix it in 15 minutes if it breaks. All the spare parts will be made available for purchase.

Don’t worry if you are new to flying a drone. The drone will come with complimentary access to the DRL Simulator, which will teach you how to fly FPV in real life, so you can start racing like the pros in no time.

The league has launched the DRL Racer4 Street as a Kickstarter project, so you will be able to pre-order a street-ready version of your own. But the bad thing is it will be available in the U.S. only for the moment. The U.S. consumers will have to pledge $599 to get a DRL Racer4 Street drone as a reward.