Monday, July 22, 2024

DARPA developing 30kW X4 rotary diesel engine prototype

The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has granted LiquidPiston Inc., an advanced internal combustion engine technology company, an extra $2.5 million to proceed with the improvement of its 30kW X4 rotating diesel engine model, bringing DARPA’s aggregate financing of the motor innovation to $6M.

The objectives for the $2.5 million stage II of the program are showing 30kW of power and achieving 45% net demonstrated eco-friendliness from the .75L X4 prototype. Advancement will be executed at LiquidPiston’s best-in-class dynamometer and designing test office in Connecticut.

Alexander Shkolnik, CEO and Founder of LiquidPiston said, “Exceeding DARPA’s objectives for the first phase of the program validates the potential for an entirely new category of military-grade, rotary diesel engines. In combustion testing, the X4 prototype handled peak cylinder pressures reaching 150 bar at a compression ratio of 26:1.”

“This is the first time that a rotary engine has shown the capability to achieve true compression ignition at this ratio in a single stage of compression and without any supercharging. We’re excited to continue working with DARPA in demonstrating the power and efficiency capability of the X4 while identifying transition pathways for the technology within specific branches of the armed forces.”

“We believe military forces’ advanced and autonomous air, sea, and ground vehicles would benefit from a new power platform which is compact, lightweight, and burns heavy fuels efficiently; and LiquidPiston technology could improve mission endurance and payload, or increase the mobility of higher power electric generators. Our novel cycle and rotary engine architecture promise dramatic performance improvements while also reducing engine heat signature and minimizing vibration impact on intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance equipment.”

Stage II likewise establishes a framework for future work. At the point when the development of the fully packed engine is complete, the 30kW X4 motor is relied upon to weigh only 30lbs and fit into a 10″ box, while accomplishing 45% brake thermal efficiency – around a request of greatness littler and lighter than customary cylinder diesel motors, and furthermore 30% more effective.

The productive, lightweight, and great rotary Diesel/JP-8 X4 engine offers a solution for immediate and crosses breed electric drive and power generation.