Monday, February 6, 2023


Airbus tests renewable marine fuel on one of its vessels

Airbus takes the next step in decarbonizing its operations.

Pipistrel’s hybrid-electric UAVs gearing up for green humanitarian missions

Lobo Leasing and Air Taurus entered into LOI to lease five Pipistrel NUUVA V300 Unmanned aircraft.

First Armada ship arrives in Norway after its maiden voyage

The ships will be made ready for future environmentally responsible fuels.

Enel, Costa Crociere collaborates on electrification of large cruise ships

The collaboration will promote sustainable maritime mobility using electrification solutions.

Sony and Honda unveil their joint electric car brand, AFEELA

The joint venture's first production electric car is set to go on sale in North America in 2026.

ASKA unveils the world’s first drive and fly eVTOL at CES 2023

ASKA A5 is the world's first vertical takeoff and landing vehicle that can be driven on roads.

Supernal, Microdoft partner to advance technologies for Advanced Air Mobility

Hyundai Motor Group's Supernal collaborates with Microsoft to advance critical technology for aviation.

RYSE RECON will be the first eVTOL to fly at CES

RYSE Aero Technologies to make history as the first eVTOL company to take flight at CES.

Altaport launches world’s first vertiport automation platform for flying taxis

The new platform automates heliport, airport, and vertiport operations.

Polestar reveals new limited edition of CAKE Makka Electric Moped

Everyday commutes and urban adventures through pure, progressive design.

Porsche begins production of synthetic fuels in Chile

Synthetic fuel for nearly CO₂-neutral operation of combustion engine vehicles.

Gondan launches another hydrogen-ready CSOV in Spain

The launching of another Commissioning Service Operation Vessel for the Norwegian shipowner Edda Wind.

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