Tuesday, December 5, 2023


Yara to launch world’s first ammonia-powered container ship by 2026

Yara Clean Ammonia to realize the world's first container ship that will use pure ammonia as fuel.

Wabtec and Roy Hill unveil world’s first FLXdrive battery locomotive

World's first 100% battery-powered, heavy-haul freight locomotive for mainline service.

This ultra-compact foldable e-scooter redefines personal urban mobility

Honda Motocompacto is a lot of fun, both to ride and to transform between its scooter and briefcase-sized modes.

GreenPower unveils all-electric school bus with longest range

It provides the longest range and has the biggest battery pack in the school bus market.

Belgian team wins World Solar Challenge for second time in a row

The students grab gold for the second time in a row after already becoming world champions in 2019.

Airbus renews its transatlantic maritime fleet with low-emission ships

By 2030, the new Atlantic fleet will generate 50% fewer CO2 emissions compared to 2023.

Archer’s Midnight eVTOL aircraft takes flight for the first time

Its flight test program hit another key milestone as the company's Midnight aircraft took flight.

HyperloopTT unveils new ultra-fast freight transport capsule system

The system is set to revolutionize freight shipping with its speed, efficiency, and sustainability.

REGENT to demonstrate seaglider tech for defense logistics operations

REGENT seagliders provide the ability to distribute multiple capabilities in the littorals.

Lilium Jet becomes first eVTOL for private sale in the U.S.

Lilium has opened private sales of its eVTOL jets in the U.S. market.

Porsche reveals first production model of eFantom electric sports boat

The electric sports boat is equipped with the drive technology of the future all-electric Porsche Macan.

Meet Berge Olympus, the world’s most powerful sailing cargo ship

The Berge Olympus will save 6 tonnes of fuel per day on an average worldwide route.

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