Saturday, September 30, 2023


Active control of wind turbine speed can help reduce bird mortality

New technology can help to reduce the number of fatal bird collisions by up to 80%.

U.S. Army fast-tracks Abrams Main Battle Tank modernization

It will focus on making the capability improvements needed to fight.

BASF and partners to produce lithium-ion batteries with recycled metals

The approach can reduce the CO2 impact of batteries by about 25%

DOD-funded project to develop a morphing hypersonic engine

Hypersonic propulsion has applications in commercial and space travel.

EnerVenue unveils next-gen metal-hydrogen Energy Storage Vessels

The new ESVs provide 150% more energy storage capacity than its previous generation.

Hausun Dali reports HJT solar cells with record-breaking efficiency

The new HJT cell can perform well even in harsh environments such as high altitude and high UV rays.

ICRAR-designed SMART Boxes to power world’s largest radio telescope

ICRAR engineers have designed a radio-quiet 'SMART box' to power the world's largest radio telescope.

Mahle claims to create ‘perfect motor’ combining two innovative concepts

The kit combines permanently high peak power, contactless power transmission, and maximum efficiency.

pepper Hydrogen Drive System will feature Toyota Fuel Cell

The pepper kit featuring the Toyota fuel cell is now being used for the initial 25 hydrogen trucks.

DARPA’s speed-of-light energy network is one step closer

RTX, Draper Laboratory, and BEAM will help DARPA design and develop wireless optical power relays.

ZeroAvia unveils world’s first compressor for aviation propulsion systems

ZeroAvia compressor is an excellent solution for high-power and high-altitude transportation.

New 2-liter class hydrogen engine runs entirely on hydrogen

New technology can help to replace fossil fuels with carbon-free hydrogen fuels.

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