Wednesday, July 17, 2024


Bath engineering team successfully runs hydrogen-powered engine

The engine runs for the first time ahead of the speed record attempt.

Voltpost retrofits lampposts into a modular EV charging solution

First-of-a-kind platform democratizes charging access while reducing footprint, cost, and install time.

Researchers develop new quantum inertial navigation tech to reduce drift

The tech can increase inertial measurement accuracy by orders of magnitude.

X-Energy plans to build a fleet of 40 small nuclear reactors in the UK

The companies received funding from the UK Government to further the development of their plans.

New laser-based tech to detect possible chemical threats in the air

The technology can help protect people from a range of airborne threats.

Pearl 10X aero engine takes to the skies for the first time

Rolls-Royce begins a flight test campaign for its most powerful business aviation engine.

New machine to better understand nuclear weapons’ behavior

Game-changing Scorpius accelerator will be instrumental in maintaining the nuclear stockpile.

NASA’s VIPER Moon rover now stands taller, more capable than ever

It will also be the world's first planetary rover to be equipped with headlights.

Researchers develop world’s longest-lasting plasma torch

Thanks to a new design, the operation time for the plasma torch was extended.

Romania center explores the most powerful laser system in the world

These kinds of power lasers usher in a new era in health and space.

Diageo selects Rondo Energy to provide low-cost, zero-carbon Heat Batteries

Heat Battery opens new opportunities for simpler cost reductions with renewable energy sources.

A startup to use photosynthesis to convert CO2 into sustainable rocket fuel

It aims to transform climate-harming carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into sustainable rocket fuel.

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