Thursday, May 30, 2024

CAKE unveils an electric, semi-autonomous ATV for farmers

Agriculture is one of the industries that contribute to the most greenhouse gas emissions in the world. This is slowly killing our soil and preventing healthy growth, so the industry is, at this point, slowly killing itself. Today, access to non-pollutant transportation and machines is very limited.

Now, Swedish manufacturer CAKE recently introduced the Kibb, an electric all-terrain vehicle designed to handle the unique needs of regenerative farming. The Kibb comes from the local ancient language “Gutniska” and means ox, representing strength combined with gentleness and a positive impact on biodiversity.

Better known in the field of electric motorcycles, it is the first time that the company bets its chips on a four-wheel model. The Kibb is designed to handle light agricultural tasks autonomously with minimal impact on delicate ecosystems, and CAKE plans to bring the machine into production by 2025.

The Kibb to move from a concept to a powerful industrial tool by 2025.
The Kibb to move from a concept to a powerful industrial tool by 2025. Credit: CAKE

“Sustainable and responsible farming is vital for healthy ecosystems, and we are aiming to make Kibb the number one tool for all future farmers,” said Stefan Ytterborn, CEO and founder of CAKE.

Largely inspired by the Swedish brand’s range of electric motorcycles, the CAKE Kibb will be a multifunctional battery-powered ATV capable of operating with or without a human driver. Its modular body will have different attachment points to allow for compatibility with a wide variety of ATV accessories.

In addition to powering the vehicle itself, the battery can also be used as an energy source to power or recharge the various devices used in the field. The electric four-wheeler will also be able to perform simple tasks autonomously, which will free up time to focus on other farm or ranch-related tasks while the Kibb is at work.

The Kibb is still in its early development. CAKE hasn’t yet revealed the actual specs of the vehicle. In order to make a vehicle that answers to the needs of future farmers, CAKE plans to begin by investigating the problems they face today.