Monday, July 15, 2024

Boat Smart Ring, an intelligent health and fitness monitoring ring

Tracking health parameters is essential for many fitness enthusiasts. There are many fitness tracking devices available in the market. Many of them are in the form of wearable devices such as digital wristwatches. However, these devices have limited battery life and require frequent charging. Similarly, smart rings that are light in weight and have smartwatch-like features are currently available, such as the Bonatra Smart Ring X1.

India-based consumer electronics brand primarily known as an audio and wearable, Boat has launched its Smart Ring, an intelligent activity tracking, health, and fitness tracking ring that can give you real-time data on your health.

Boat Smart Ring is a premium ceramic and metal build ring with smart touch control with single-hand movements.

Ring can monitor heart rate, sleep, body temperature, Oxygen saturation (SpO2), and menstrual cycle. It is also integrated with intelligent activity tracking to automatically monitor your health.

Smart Ring is 5 ATM water-resistant and sweat-resistant so that it can withstand daily use and various physical activities. The ring has a sports mode option to monitor your daily physical activity, such as distance traveled, steps taken, and burned calories. You can also track your movements like running, walking, and cycling with the help of a 6-axis motion sensor.

Boat Ring has a smart touch control that allows you to touch the ring to control music playback, including pausing, resuming, and changing tracks. Also, you can remotely control your phone camera shutter to capture shots, and it can navigate applications.

Smart Ring is 3mm thick, 17mm wide, and 17mm wide. It includes a rechargeable 48W lithium battery that can provide up to 7 days of battery life and can be recharged with the help of a smart charger. The Smart Ring weighs just 7g, making it one of the lightest fitness tracking devices available.

Boat Ring can be connected to the Boat Ring app to get your insight data. It provides detailed insights, and the app has interactive data visualization, trend mapping, and project tracking.

Boats Smart Ring is available on the official website with a price tag of ₹8,999 ($109).