Thursday, April 18, 2024

Smart Ring X1, an ultralight, comfortable health-tracking device

Health has become a major concern in this modern life where many people are busy and primarily working in offices. This includes physical fitness, including heart and lung performance and body muscles. Physical fitness can also improve mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative mood. So, regular exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Tracking health parameters is very important for many fitness enthusiasts as it explains your overall health better. There are many fitness tracking devices available in the market. Many of them are in the form of smartwatches and wristbands. However, these devices include screens, vibrations, and straps, which can cause discomfort and annoyance while exercising or sleeping.

To overcome this problem, Indian health company, Bonatra has developed Smart Ring X1, a comfortable and compact smart ring that can track sleep, movement, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Temperature, and Oxygen saturation (SPO2) for optimal health with a stylish design.

The Smart Ring X1 has many features, including water resistance up to 50 feet and Bluetooth connectivity up to 30 feet. The Smart Ring can be fully charged within 90 minutes with the help of a wireless charging solution; you need to place the ring on the compact charging dock, and it will charge the ring. The ring’s battery can last up to 4-7 days of usage; also, it can work between -10°C to 54°C temperatures.

The Bonatra Smart Ring X1 is designed with hypoallergenic medical-grade resin, which ensures extended wear without irritation, and this material comforts your skin.

The outer shell of this ring is made from a durable aerospace-grade titanium alloy. It measures 2cm long, 2cm high, and 1cm wide and weighs 4.5g making it one of the lightest fitness tracking devices available.

The Bonatra Smart Ring X1 easily tracks your sleep trends, including patterns that develop in your sleep behaviors and experiences. By monitoring changes in sleep duration, quality, and other factors over time, you gain invaluable insight into your overall sleep health. It allows you to create a sleep routine that supports your health.

Skin temperature is important for measuring your body’s physiological state and response to various factors, including exercise, stress, and illness.

The comfortable, ultra-light, and water-resistant Smart Ring X1 can track your sleep without disturbing it. It has no screens, vibrations, notifications, or uncomfortable straps, so you can sleep or do your work without disturbance.

The Bonatra Ring is more accurate from the finger, where the heart rate signal is stronger, using every metric to accurately determine your sleep quality, movement, temperature, heart rate, HRV, and more.

You can wear this ring while exercising and doing daily tasks such as office work, hobbies during sleep, walking, etc. The ring will provide the data of your physical movement and insights into your body, including heart rate, temperature, sleep duration, activity stats, SPO2, and your fitness goals.

The health-monitoring Smart Ring X1 does not include a digital display to access all your activity data via the Bonatra app. The app has a user-friendly interface, so you can easily track your fitness goals, monitor your health metrics and access personalized insights. The app seamlessly syncs your Bonatra Smart Ring with the X1, providing a comprehensive overview of your progress and achievements.

The Bonatra Smart Ring X1 is priced at ₹11,863 ($143) on their official website.