Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Australia to launch a locally-made hybrid rocket system in 2022

Australia plans to become more independent in the aerospace industry. In this regard, the researchers at the University of Queensland Australia are developing a new generation of hybrid rockets in partnership with Gilmour Space. The construction of these hybrid rockets could lead to the launch of small satellites into low-Earth orbit from Australian soil by 2022.

UQ’s Dr. Ingo Jahn said having researchers and industry work closely together was invaluable for Australia’s space industry. According to him, with cooperation, the rockets and components will be manufactured in Australia.

The University of Queensland team is currently focused on developing and validating the fuel feed system, which had to meet stringent controls and launch system performance requirements while also remaining as light as possible. He believes that fuel delivery systems for rockets are one of the most complex engineering challenges.

Meanwhile, Gilmour Space is at the forefront of developing next-generation hybrid rocket technology that is safer and more cost effective than traditional chemical propulsion rockets.

We’re grateful to UQ and the government for supporting our efforts to grow a space launch industry here in Queensland,” said James Gilmour, the Chief Operating Officer and company co-founder of Gilmour Space.

At present, Australia is not the only country seeking the independence of its aerospace industry. Countries such as Australia and India continue their efforts for independence in the aerospace industry.