Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Adam Savage has a new horse for his rickshaw

Boston Dynamics, while promoting its Spot robot dog, focuses on its ability to penetrate locations that are dangerous for humans, like inspecting oil rigs, and a construction site or disposing of the explosive devices.

However, Adam Savage, a former presenter of the television series “Legend Destroyers”, YouTube tinkerer, and engineer, was thinking a lot about how to use Spot – and came up with a rather unusual idea. He harnessed Spot to a rickshaw and made the robot roll it.

It is important to clarify that the robot’s carrying capacity is limited to only 14 kg, which is much less than the weight of an adult. But thanks to the two giant cartwheels carrying most of Savage’s weight, Spot to pull the inventor down a gravel path. However, a trip on such a design can hardly be called comfortable – the robot moves slowly and because of its mechanics is jerky, and can’t cope with some lifts.

Note that Savage “borrowed” the robot from Boston Dynamics in January of this year and has been experimenting with it ever since. Earlier, he made this four-legged robot climb a mountain of stones, climb through a pipe, climb and go down the stairs and climb the hill.

According to Savage, this is not the last movie with a robotic dog on his channel. We look forward to continuing!