Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Xpad: first thinnest and flexible wireless charger

Existing wireless chargers are thick, brittle and breakable. Also, the coil and circuit board assembly generate heat when the chargers are in use. This can heat up the charging pad and the phone.

The Plusus company from Perth, Australia has taken a new step in charging innovation. They bring a modern smartphone charging solution called ‘Xpad’.

The team re-engineered the thickness of the charging coil and reduced it up to 50%. They also separated the circuit board from the pad and create the world’s thinnest and first-ever flexible pad.

The Xpad is made from beautiful, natural, flexible, eco-friendly materials like cork, timber veneer and Italian leather. We all know these materials look very elegant if designed properly. They are perfect for any home decor or work setting. So, the Xpad will also suit to your home decor.

The key features of Xpad are shown in the image below:

Xpad: thinnest and flexible wireless charger
Xpad: thinnest and flexible wireless charger

After huge coil research and development, the team can shrink the charging coil thickness to less than 50% of the original one and make it flexible. They are also able to increase its power and efficiency.

It includes adaptive smart chip technology. It automatically determines the highest power delivery. This makes it universally compatible.

In addition, the Xpad supports all the available wall charger. Simply, connect it to any wall charger using USB-C port and it will be charged.

Moreover, the team has used ‘Cork’ as part of the internal structure of all Xpad variants. During wireless charging the heat produced. The exceptional thermal insulation of the Cork naturally reduces that heat.

This makes Xpad a safer and cooler experience for your phone. Additionally, the cork makes it moisture-proof, lightweight, durable and flexible.

Xpad’s thin and flexible design allows you to take it anywhere. Put it in your computer bag without fear of damage and use it on the go – at work, a coffee shop or at school.

Furthermore, a tiny adapter is provided for on the go charging with laptops.

With Xpad the phone does not charge over the circuit board like other wireless chargers, resulting in a cooler faster-charging experience.

This charger helps you to charge your smartphone effortlessly. You do not need to search for long cables or plug. Simply place your phone on Xpad and it starts charging immediately.

Xpad: thinnest and flexible wireless charger
Xpad: thinnest and flexible wireless charger

It senses your phone even before you set it down, which ensures an early and fast connection.

Xpad is a Qi-compatible wireless charger. It will charge any Qi-enabled device.

Also, this wireless charging pad is very powerful. It can charge your phone even with a case. Only the requirement is the case does not have any metal and is not too thick (up to 3mm).

It has an intelligent chipset which automatically detects foreign objects to ensure safe charging. This chipset also prevents overcharging of your device.