Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Wristbuds introduced a smartwatch with wireless earbuds hidden inside

Some companies suggest a way of combining the two smart technologies together for even better user experience. More recently, we informed you about Dyson’s patent for a wearable air purifier that combines a headphone with a purifier.

And now, the company Wristbuds created the device of the same name, which combines the convenience and quality sound of TWS earbuds with activity tracking smartwatch.

In the past few years, many people began to use not only a smartphone but also a smart bracelet or watch, as well as completely wireless headphones. All these devices need to be monitored and charged, and in addition, they take up a lot of space, and a headphone case is not so difficult to lose. So, Wristbuds could provide a much better solution!

No more digging in your pocket or bag, your earbuds are right on your wrist
No more digging in your pocket or bag, your earbuds are right on your wrist.

The basis of the smartwatch is a screen with a diagonal of 1.14 inches. It has pair of wireless TWS earbuds (case for charging the headphones) hidden behind this flip screen – if the user needs headphones, he will be able to flip the lid-screen to the side and get them out.

Wristbuds is equipped with the latest Graphene audio technology, Bluetooth 5.0 connection that enhances connectivity within a 10m range, CVC noise cancellation.

The graphene-based wireless earbuds deliver a superior audio experience with a patented, 90° rotatable perfect-fit design. The creators claim that thanks to this, it is more convenient to adjust the headphones to fit the particular structure of the user’s ear. The battery life of the earbuds, which takes only 30 minutes to get fully charged, is not given.

They say the earbuds can be connected directly to the smartwatch, which allows you to download up to 4GB of music to listen to it far from your smartphone. But by default, this function is not available – you need to pay extra $30 to listen to music from its watch’s internal storage, so you can go phone-free. No more digging in your pocket or bag, your earbuds are right on your wrist and ready to go anytime and anywhere.

The developers have collected the necessary amount on its fundraising campaign on the Kickstarter platform and plan to start shipping devices in April at a price of $79, and the retail price will be $149.