Monday, July 15, 2024

Volvo Penta IPS Professional Platform to decarbonize smart ships

Volvo Penta unveils its new IPS Professional Platform, the industry’s most advanced technology and propulsion platform for superyachts and commercial marine vessels. This new platform incorporates enhancements to their already successful Inboard Performance System (IPS) and Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) technology, specifically designed for larger vessels.

This new platform aims to deliver an unparalleled experience of comfort, performance, and sustainability for professional vessels and super yachts. The new IPS Professional Platform features an intelligent dual-power drive system that enables each vessel to have four to eight power sources. The system can use a mix of power sources, from combustion engines running on renewable fuels to fully electric or hybrid solutions.

This allows for optimal efficiency, reduced emissions, and the possibility of switching from internal combustion engines (ICE) to electric power sources without major modifications or replacements.

The platform also includes intelligent technology features such as Volvo Penta Assisted Docking, Dynamic Positioning, and a Glass Cockpit helm display, as well as a smart Eco Mode feature that optimizes fuel consumption and engine running hours. Volvo Penta’s EVC is available across the full range of Volvo Penta-powered vessels and offers a seamless on-water experience across a variety of marine applications.

The platform is designed to future-proof vessels, allowing them to be upgraded to hybrid and electric options without the need for redesign or scrapping. Volvo Penta is committed to sustainability and decarbonization and promises up to 30% total fuel savings and emissions, marking a substantial step toward sustainable and efficient marine operations.

The Volvo Penta IPS Professional Platform is set to hit the market in 2025. This innovative platform was designed with ease of operation, versatility, and efficiency in mind, and it’s the first of its kind. What makes it so special is the new concept in marine propulsion design that it features, built on the industry-leading Volvo Penta IPS system and developed for use with dual power inputs.

This design allows for different combinations of power sources to be connected to one energy-efficient drive, unlocking a range of possibilities for managing power to the water in the most efficient way. Depending on mission parameters, power combinations could include traditional ICE power sources, a hybrid of ICE and electric power sources, or fully electric power sources, including renewable fuels such as HVO or Renewable Diesel.

“We are absolutely focused on delivering sustainable solutions that create an exceptional experience for our customers. Building on the success of the legendary Volvo Penta IPS system, this new Professional Platform will also provide new options for energy efficiency and aid in efforts to achieve decarbonization at sea in marine industries,” said Johan Inden, president of Volvo Penta Marine. “We see this as a major step towards decarbonization in superyachts and commercial vessels between 25-55 meters.”