Rolls-Royce tests 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel in a business jet engine

The tests took place as part of its goal to reach net-zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050.

POWERPASTE, a high-density, safe, and easily transportable hydrogen energy fuel

The paste could replace tanks and has ten times the energy storage density of lithium batteries.

New way to create methane-based rocket fuel on the surface of Mars

The discovery could make the return trip all more feasible.

Formula 1 is testing 100% sustainable fuel made from biowaste

Formula 1 plans to become carbon neutral in 2021 en route to becoming net-zero by 2030.

NuScale modular nuclear reactors can produce over 2,000 kg/hour of hydrogen

25% increase in power output of an NPM leads to a boost in cost-competitive clean hydrogen production.

TU/e demonstrates iron powder as a new circular, reusable, and CO2-free fuel

Iron fuel is a promising energy carrier that is CO2-free, reusable, safe, compact, and easily transportable.

Reaction Engines, STFC testing ammonia fuel for truly green aviation

Ammonia as a fuel doesn’t require a complete re-think of the design of civil aircraft as we know them today.

BMW invests in technology that recycles CO2 from the air into carbon-neutral gasoline

BMW i Ventures injects $12.5 million into Prometheus Fuels' zero-net carbon gasoline technology.

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