Sunday, February 25, 2024

Fastest-running industrial-grade quadruped robot at 6m/s

It’s interesting to see how different companies are making advancements in the field of robotics. Unitree’s B2 robot seems to be a promising addition to the market, especially considering its improvements over its predecessor. It is designed for various applications such as industrial automation, inspection, emergency rescue, and security patrolling, as well as education and research.

The B2 is faster than the B1, with a running speed of 6 meters per second, making it the fastest industrial-grade quadruped robot in the market. The robot can jump a horizontal distance of up to 1.6 meters and step over obstacles of up to 40 cm in height.

Also, B2 seems to be a highly capable machine with a maximum standing load capacity of 120kg. It can handle a continuous walking load of more than 40kg with a 100% increase and a 20kg load of continuous walking for more than 4 hours with more than 15km mileage, and its endurance is increased by 200%. Moreover, it can work for more than 5 hours with more than 20km mileage without any load. This makes B2 suitable for tasks such as delivery or working for long periods of time.

B2’s 45-Ah/2,250-Wh lithium battery supports quick change and also supports autonomous charging solutions (optional), which are suitable for a wide range of solutions.

With leg joint actuators that provide 170% more torque than those of the B1, the B2 is much more flexible and stable when it comes to industrial operations. It also has excellent obstacle-crossing ability, making it a valuable tool for navigating complex environments.

Additionally, the B2 has all-terrain adaptability, allowing it to walk stably, even in slippery or extreme terrain. Its perception capabilities are also impressive, thanks to its compatibility with a variety of sensors, such as two HD optical cameras, two depth-sensing cameras, and a LiDAR module. These features enable the Unitree robot to adapt to its surroundings better, making it a safer and more efficient solution for various tasks.

Unitree has announced that their B2 industrial quadruped robot will have a wide range of applications in various industries. Industrial automation, power inspection, emergency rescue, industrial inspection, education, and research are just some of the fields where its high performance and versatility can be put to use. The B2 quadruped robot is expected to play an important role in these industries, improving work efficiency, reducing labor costs, and minimizing risks and dangers.