Friday, May 17, 2024

Robot-tech startup powerful, affordable modular robotic arm series

The advancement of technology is unstoppable and often brings different types of machines and inventions that make jobs easier. One of them is the robotic arm that is used today in a large number of industrial and other applications. The robotic arms can be used in warehouses for more efficient operations, can needle tattoo, build houses, and many more. But until now, they’ve been bulky, expensive, complicated to set up, and – after all those obstacles – had pretty limited functions.

Umbratek, a cutting-edge new robotic tech startup, has come up with a concept – modular design – that makes robots customizable, easy to assemble, and truly affordable. The startup has introduced the Umbratek UTRA series, a new range of robotic arms with 4 to 6 axes, multi-positional mounting, and lightweight carbon fiber build.

Robot-tech startup powerful, affordable modular robotic arm series.
With 5 different models, the UTRA series is a powerful and truly affordable modular robot. Credit: Umbratek

With five different robot arm models to choose from, the UTRA series is, according to the company, the world’s most powerful and most affordable modular robot on the market today. Thanks to their modular structure design, each arm can be configured to meet your business needs.

Driving the revolutionary UTRA series is Umbratek’s ADRA Actuator series. Each ADRA Actuator is built to last and comes with a high-precision harmonic reducer made of high-strength aviation aluminum and high-carbon chromium steel. Each actuator is fitted with high-performance servo drivers, which use field-oriented control to protect against overvoltage, overcurrent, over-temperature, reverse connection, undervoltage ESD, short-circuiting, and rotor lock.

Robot-tech startup powerful, affordable modular robotic arm series.
UTRA Robotic Arm Design. Credit: Umbratek

The fully assembled robot has a reach up to 1500 mm and a positioning repeatability of up to ±0.01mm, with payload ratings of up to a staggering 20 Kg. A lightweight structure made from high-strength carbon fiber and aviation aluminum, the UTRA arm’s new technology architecture is durable and cost-effective. And with a weight to payload ratio of 0.75, you can build your own business solutions quickly.

Umbratek focuses on high-performance dynamic robots and control systems,” stated Evan Deng, founder, and CEO of Umbratek. “We’ve spent the last few years developing simplified, customized, affordable robotic solutions for your various needs. Our robots provide fresh energy for industrial automation, logistics, medical, agricultural, and many more settings.

Perfect for automation and AI-related applications, the UTRA series is available for as low as $2999 and the ADRA actuator series as low as $529 with their Super Early Bird Special only on Kickstarter.