Tuesday, May 21, 2024

U-Boat Worx unveils world’s fastest private submersible, Super Sub

Dutch submarine manufacturer U-Boat Worx has revealed the world’s fastest private submersible, Super Sub, at the Monaco Yacht Show.

The Super Sub is equipped with an impressive 100 kW thruster that provides the submarine a maximum speed of up to 10 knots (11.5 mph, 18.5 km/h), making it the world’s fastest private submersible.

The submersible is 650 cm long, 327 cm wide, and 214 high, weighing around 9000 kg (19,841 lbs).

The U-Boat Worx Super Sub is powered by a 62kWh battery, which gives the submarine endurance for up to 8 hours.

The new submarine can go to a depth of up to 300 meters (1000 ft) and carry up to three people, including the pilot.

U-Boat Worx Super Sub incorporates advanced technology, unparalleled safety features, and streamlined design.

It can smoothly ascend and descend at up to 45 degrees inclines while executing rapid banking turns, ensuring agile and swift underwater maneuverability. All while maintaining a 360-degree view.

U-Boat Worx Super Sub
U-Boat Worx Super Sub submersible. Credit: U-Boat Worx.

“Our team has poured their hearts and expertise into crafting the Super Sub, and we are beyond excited to reveal it to the world at the Monaco Yacht Show,” said Roy Heijdra, Marketing Manager at U-Boat Worx. “The Super Sub represents the pinnacle of underwater luxury and performance, and we can’t wait for everyone to experience the thrill of exploring the depths with this extraordinary submersible.”

U-Boat Worx’ designed the Super Sub to best experience the underwater world; Therefore, it is integrated with a clear, fully acrylic pressure hull, located at the front of the submersible, providing an unobstructed view in every direction, unobstructed by ballast tanks, batteries and other components.

The submersible has an innovative SHARC Controller that allows the Super Sub for intuitive maneuverability under any angle or pitch.

The Super Sub is integrated with the Pressure-Tolerance Battery System, which has batteries and electrics in oil-filled pressurized enclosures. The use of pressure-resistant components reduces the size and weight of submersibles, especially in deep-diving models.

Once the submarine is in the water, the MARLIN controller can steer it away from the support vessel without the onboard pilot. The MARLIN controller can position the submarine above the diving site while the pilot assists with passing

Additionally, the Super Sub is integrated with many safety features, such as maximum depth protection, a deadman’s switch, a safety buoy, USBL, drop weight, life support, and a freeboard extender. 

The submersible also received a certification from the world-leading classification society, DNV.

Pricing of the Super Sub has not been mentioned on the U-Boat Worx’s official website. However, The first Super Sub unit is set for delivery to its customer by the end of 2023, and additional units will be available in 2024.