Thursday, April 18, 2024

Teenage Engineering offers free accessories for your IKEA speakers

Teenage Engineering, in collaboration with IKEA, launched its FREKVENS speakers line and LED lighting earlier this year. FREKVENS speakers combine the exquisite taste of the brand’s design with the modularity of IKEA itself. In addition to the speakers, there are also accessories to customize them. Accessories that should not be purchased, but download the free CAD file and 3D print a handful of DIY accessories at home.

A dream come true for the makers and enthusiasts of 3D printers: dozens of free CAD files made available to users by the brand and ready to print. This is what Teenage Engineering has done for its ‘FREKVENS’ collection of speakers that it sells with IKEA, it has prepared several fully compatible accessories free of charge.

From its dedicated website, it is possible to download the different CAD files to print the accessories. The printer where the work is to be carried out must also be large and powerful enough to carry out these accessories. Teenage Engineering suggests that 3D printing of various products can take between 30 minutes and eight hours, whichever is the case, so be prepared for it before you get started. They offer instructions for choosing the right filament and for assembling the pieces.

Mainly you can print handles to grab and move the speakers, but there are also racks and wheels so you can roll out your sound system. Tripods to change the angle of the speakers, tubes to focus the light in a specific direction, and even coasters or compartments to leave the phone.

Since the product modules have attachments for accessories, you can take advantage of and design your own accessories for the speakers or modify existing CADs.