Pipistrel launches 19-passenger near-zero-emission aircraft concept

The airliner concept design will offer a new, sustainable, and cost-efficient air mobility solution.

ULEMCo presents hydrogen fuel cell ambulance for use on London’s streets

It aims to deliver a zero-emission ambulance prototype for the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust by autumn this year.

POWERPASTE, a high-density, safe, and easily transportable hydrogen energy fuel

The paste could replace tanks and has ten times the energy storage density of lithium batteries.

New technology could enable rapid expansion of hydrogen fueling stations

New device separates hydrogen from natural gas when the two gases are blended in pipelines.

Airbus unveils a new pod configuration for future hydrogen aircraft

The radical design includes six removable fuel cell propeller propulsion systems.

NuScale modular nuclear reactors can produce over 2,000 kg/hour of hydrogen

25% increase in power output of an NPM leads to a boost in cost-competitive clean hydrogen production.

Avions Mauboussin is working on two STOL hybrid hydrogen aircraft

Both are personal means of transport dedicated to responsible interurban mobility.

Versatile hydrogen-powered VTOL drone flies longer and greener

The TU Delft drone is able to stay airborne in stable flight for over 3.5 hours.

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