Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Suzuki unveils 4-wheeled mobility device that can climb stairs

Japanese automaker Suzuki has showcased a series of innovative mobility concepts at this year’s Japan Mobility Show. One of these is Modular Quad Based Architecture (MOQBA), a unique modular mobility device with four wheels mounted on articulating legs that can climb over obstacles.

The vehicle is specifically designed to help people who face barriers in transportation, such as steps, even in a region with developed public transportation. It achieves this by enabling them to climb up and over almost any obstacle in their path.

Just like other Suzuki motorcycles, the MOQBA concept vehicle has a saddle and handlebars. This mobility device’s chassis is connected to a pair of modular rails, each of them equipped with two articulated legs connected to wheels. Thanks to this combination, the vehicle will move smoothly with wheels on flat roads and seamlessly move on steps with legs.

By combining the base chassis with attachments, body variation can be changed into three modes: Chair mode, Standing mode, and Stretcher mode. Through these modes, it contributes to the local society by not only providing freedom when it comes to everyday mobility but also as a mobility that transports people and objects in places where cars can hardly go through in case of situations such as emergencies.

Although it is still in the concept stage, no other details on specs or availability have been unveiled. However, Suzuki believes the MOQBA has the potential to revolutionize mobility and make transportation more accessible.

The company hasn’t even revealed any details about the concept’s possible production. Fortunately, we have seen more and more concepts becoming a reality in the automotive industry lately. Suzuki also showcased some other vehicles that seemed more ready for the market at the Japan Mobility Show, such as two single-seater cargo scooters and a motorized walker designed to help elderly people stay active in their daily lives.