Sunday, July 14, 2024

Specialized Turbo Kenevo SL e-MTB is lighter and more capable

Last year, Specialized presented the Turbo Levo SL, the lightest full-suspension e-MTB in its class. And now this Super-Light e-bike variant is being joined by the company’s new Kenevo SL, a powerful and rough electric bike for trail biking.

The Kenevo Super Light is a featherweight e-MTB that redefines big mountain performance with a one-of-a-kind combination of light weight, responsiveness, and capability. With a lot of hiking and low weight, this will be a bike for those who prioritize the longest and roughest descents. The frame design is completely new and does not resemble the existing version, but rather the unpowered bike Enduro.

Specialized Turbo Kenevo SL e-MTB is lighter and more capable.
The bike is for those who prioritize the longest and roughest descents. Credit: Specialized

The Kenevo SL is equipped with a 240-W Turbo Super Light 1.1 motor that delivers up to 240 watts of power and 35 Nm of torque: more than you imagined for your trail. The bike carries a non-removable 320-Wh battery housed in the downtube that powers up to 4.5 hours of ride support. Do you want to go further? No problem: connect the extra 160Wh ‘Range Extender’ battery, and you will be ready for almost a total of 7 hours of pedal assistance.

The full monocoque FACT 11m carbon fiber frame is the backbone of the Kenevo SuperLight that contributes to obtaining an overall weight of this e-bike of only 18.4 kg, 5.5 kg less than the standard Kenevo model. Frame geometry can be adjusted for improved handling. Six different configurations allow you to refine your characteristics, adapting it to your style and terrain. The height of the central movement has a fine adjustment of 6mm up or down.

Specialized Turbo Kenevo SL e-MTB is lighter and more capable.
The motor and battery are integrated and centralized in the chassis to improve handling responsiveness. Credit: Specialized

The e-bike sets a new standard for all e-MTBs, adding six adjustments to the already acclaimed geometry of the Enduro. Its generous cockpit gives you room to move on the bike, optimizing traction and corner control. The 29-inch wheels and the progressive wheelbase yield stability at high speeds and responsiveness, all with a lot of fun. There’s an SRAM 12-speed derailleur and hydraulic disc braking front and rear.

The Six Bar linkage of the Kenevo SL represents the ultimate big-trail suspension linkage, delivering an unmatched combination of control, big-hit bump force management, optimized pedaling performance, and durability. The MasterMind TCU is the brain of the bike. Displaying all relevant info about your ride, it allows real-time tuning of support levels, enables over-the-air updates so that your bike gets better over time, and seamlessly integrates with the Mission Control app for advanced tuning, on-trail diagnostics, and more.

Since the model is a high-end option, the Kenevo SL comes at a starting price of $11,000.