Wednesday, May 29, 2024

SpaceX reveals Starlink Premium satellite internet with up to 500 Mbps speeds

SpaceX has rolled out a new premium tier of its Starlink satellites internet service with higher performance that is targeted at businesses and enterprise customers. With more than double the antenna capability of Starlink, the new product, called “Starlink Premium,” delivers faster internet speeds and higher throughput.

Starlink Premium users can expect download speeds of 150-500 Mbps and latency of 20-40 milliseconds, enabling high throughput connectivity for small offices, storefronts, and super users across the globe. It also doubles your upload speed from 10-20 Mbps to 20-40 Mbps.

The service is designed for improved performance in extreme weather, and customers will have access to 24/7 prioritized support. With Starlink, there are no long-term contracts, no data caps, and no exclusivity requirements. SpaceX is aiming the Premium at high-demand users who it says will experience bandwidth for critical operations even during times of peak network usage.

The problem for those interested is that this new level of service is also associated with a price increase. The new product comes at five times the cost of customer-focused standard services. According to the reports, the Starlink Premium will cost $500 a month, and you will have to pay $2,500 for the antenna and other hardware. You will need to leave a $500 deposit to reserve the Premium dish.

For comparison, the standard Starlink service, which launched in October 2020, has a $99 refundable deposit, a $499 hardware fee, and the service costs $99 per month. The first deliveries of the Starlink Premium service should start in the second quarter of 2022.