Sunday, July 14, 2024

Sony Airpeak drone announced with support for full-frame cameras

At this year’s CES, Sony Corporation announced its first-ever drone: the Airpeak, which is aimed mainly at professionals in the field of photography and video creation.

According to the announcement, the Sony Airpeak is the smallest drone currently available that is capable of carrying one of its mirrorless DSLR Alpha cameras to capture high quality, full-frame aerial photography, and video. In addition, it has several additional small cameras that are probably for air navigation purposes. The quadcopter drone has an airframe as small, portable, and lightweight as is practical, so it doesn’t take up too much room in the van.

The Sony Airpeak has four rotors and two landing arms that lift when the drone takes off. The drone can perform dynamic filming and steady flight to empower video creators in the entertainment field with “new possibilities for creative expression.” The company plans to introduce a new business aimed at photography and video production professionals in the coming months as part of its drone project’s first phase.

To get an idea of this, the company has released a video where you can see the drone in operation and get an idea of its capabilities. During the road test, the drone, equipped with the α7S III full-frame mirrorless single-lens camera, unleashes all constraints and barriers for creators to push the boundaries of visual expression with the dynamic shooting.

In the video, it is possible to observe details such as the presence of two batteries, which should considerably increase the drone’s flight time, adjustable gimbal, a separate camera for the pilot’s view, and what appear to be sensors for detecting obstacles during the flight.

The idea is to inspire the creativity of creators of video productions and explore new possibilities of expression through an initiative with which Sony intends to contribute to the evolution of drones and generate value within this growing market by the highest level.

Otherwise, there is no technical information, although the company says it will reveal details periodically. Obviously, there is still no information on its possible price, although it is expected to be launched in spring 2021. ‘