Health monitor

Epilog – Medical-grade seizure monitoring from the comfort of home

Epilog uses EEG to accurately detect and record seizures when they happen, where they happen.

Band-Aid-size wearable device to measure infants’ blood oxygen levels

Mobile, wearable device the size of a Band-Aid could allow babies to leave the hospital and be monitored from home.

Injectsense’s implantable sensor allows eye pressure monitoring at home

The device is designed for long-term in-vivo monitoring of intra-ocular pressure (IOP) to assess glaucoma therapy effectiveness.

Blood pressure can be measured accurately using selfie video

Soon, you might not have to go to your doctor or pharmacy to determine your blood pressure. All you will need is a quick...

Livongo integrates with leading smartwatches to nudge you into healthy habits

In today’s busy life, wearables integrated with a health monitoring system are increasingly being used to help people manage medical conditions, like diabetes and...

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