Monday, July 15, 2024

Smarkin: The world’s first smart skincare device

Skincare is an everyday concern in the world where pollution is companion and time is a challenger. To combat the everyday skin problems, Comper, healthcare innovators, developed the first and most advanced smart skincare tool called Smarkin. It will analyze, treat, and improve your skin by using a number of enhanced technologies.

You can now customize your personal beauty programs with the help of an upgraded RF,
coupled with micro-current, phototherapy, and vibration technologies which work together in an efficient and fast-care mode.

Contemplating the fact that everyone’s skin is unique and requires distinct treatment a team has developed an app. It will be an aid to asses the most suitable skincare routine for each individual user.

The largest organ of our integumentary system, skin, loses its volume and elasticity with age. Face start looking dull with the clinical findings like sagging, wrinkles, and the various facets of photoaging that caused by the variety of internal and external factors.

A user can first test their skin and update in the Comper Health App to set the perfect treatment routine for specific skin type. It is dynamically adjustable along with the changes in the skin or physical conditions like skin types, skin disorders, periods, allergies.

Functional keys of smarkin device

At very first you need to test your skin type and get personal skincare plan. Update every skin issue occur over the time in the app. There are different result-oriented skincare modes. You can select a mode of skin treatment according to the guidance provided in the app. Later, sync and start skincare routine. You also can ask for audio and video guidance.

It is devised with the three revolutionary technologies as follows;

  1. Radio Frequency (RF)– With 3 levels Radio Frequency to switch, 2 circular electrodes produce the seamless electromagnetic field that affects to about 4mm depth of our skin.
  2. Electrical Muscle Stimulation- The circular electrodes also generate the microcurrents with switchable 3 intensities for the elicitation of muscle contractions at different levels. It produces several therapeutic effects such as muscle toning and face lifting.
  3. Low-level Laser therapy– Smarkin produces both 630 nm and 850nm wavelengths
    light energy that penetrates the skin at around 1.5-2.5mm depth. The spectral range from 630 to 850 was reported that have extensive beneficial effects on the skin problems.
  4. MASS Vibration therapy– It generates the most efficient and comfortable Micro-vibration frequency that amplify the beneficial effects of cream and boost micro-circulation under the dermis.
  5. Cooling System

Smarkin provides larger treatment surface to use it evenly on the skin. It is made of medical-grade Silicon Rubber which is comfortable in hand. This skincare device is water resistant and has HA essence for better electric conduction and moisturizing.

Regardless of the age and gender, this device is able to repair your skin. Smarkin is the 5-in-1 solution. It can repair morning puffy face, sensitive skin with acne, sagging face with environmental damage, aging skin, pigmentary disorders, UV damage, dull skin, fine lines, wrinkle, and also can enhance the sheet masking and tackles other skin problems.