ShiftCam 12mm ultra-wide angle aspherical lens for mobile phones

Whether professional or savvy enthusiasts, photographers today are increasingly switching between their trusty DSLR cameras and mobile phone photography.

Most existing high-end smartphones come with integrated ultra-wide-angle multi-camera modules, which usually offer an equivalent focal length of approximately 16mm. But if you want something even wider, or are using an older single-camera phone, it’s worth a close look to ShiftCam’s latest offering.

The company has previously developed several professional-grade detachable smartphone lenses which combine the pocket-sized portability of mobile phones and the high-quality capability of a DSLR camera. Now the company announced that it will release soon the first ever 12mm aspherical lens allows for zero distortion – even with the impressive 122° ultra-wide angle of view.

Aa unique 6 Element 4 Group structure.
Aa unique 6 Element 4 Group structure.

The 12mm aspherical lens can be attached to iPhones via a specific case or to all other phones with a universal lens mount. Weighing less than 100g, this pocket-friendly detachable lens houses an impressive 6 elements 4 group structure – perfect for capturing those unexpected moments.

The body is made from aluminum, the front element comes with a Nano-coating to reduce flare and ShiftCam says the lens is practically distortion-free.

The pioneering use of specialist DSLR lens manufacturing techniques on a much smaller scale, this brand new focal length for mobile photography that enables you to capture 3x more.

Early bird pledges are available from $89 or roughly £70 with worldwide shipping expected to take place during August 2019. For more details and full specifications, you can jump to the official ShiftCam Kickstarter project page.


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