NONS SL42 instant camera supports interchangeable lenses with M42 mount

Go beyond the limit of instant camera with legendary M42 lenses.

Mojo Vision shows smart contact lenses with an integrated display

Mojo Lens uses unique, purpose-built microelectronics and the world’s densest microdisplay to display information.

Bosch Light Drive System turns any normal glasses into ‘Smartglasses’

This makes driving safer and replaces the constant staring on smartphones or smartwatches.

Moment revealed first-ever Anamorphic Lens and filters for drones

Moment, a company that has grown into a well-respected smartphone lens manufacturer, is bringing a rectangular lens to drones. The platform is called “Moment...

ShiftCam 12mm ultra-wide angle aspherical lens for mobile phones

Whether professional or savvy enthusiasts, photographers today are increasingly switching between their trusty DSLR cameras and mobile phone photography. Most existing high-end smartphones come with...

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