Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Shell Aviation to supply 300k gallon SAF for Emirates’ Dubai hub

Many aviation operators worldwide are increasingly integrating the use of sustainable alternative fuel (SAF) as the most efficient and reliable way of curbing CO2 emissions from aviation. And SAF suppliers are playing a vital role in enabling this sustainable aviation.

In a similar effort, Dubai-based flag carrier Emirates has signed a historic agreement with Shell Aviation for the supply of over 300,000 gallons of blended SAF for use at the airline’s international hub in Dubai (DXB).

The agreement is the latest step forward by the Emirates in its environmental strategy that focuses on emissions reduction, responsible consumption, and the conservation of wildlife and habitats.

Under this agreement, the first delivery of SAF is expected to take place before the end of the year, which will also mark the first time that SAF is supplied through the DXB airport fuelling system. Emirates is set to track SAF data and purchase alternative fuels through Avelia, one of the world’s first blockchain-powered SAF solutions.

“We are proud to work in partnership with Shell to make a SAF supply available for Emirates in Dubai for the first time and to utilize the Avelia platform that provides business travelers the flexibility to align their sustainability targets and reduce their environmental footprint when traveling. We hope that this collaboration develops further to provide an ongoing future supply of SAF in our hub, as there are currently no production facilities for SAF in the UAE,” Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airline, said in the press release.

Sustainable alternative fuel is a safe and fully certified drop-in fuel that can reduce the carbon emissions of aviation by up to 80%. SAF is made from renewable sources such as waste oils, agricultural residues, or municipal solid waste. SAF can be blended with conventional jet fuel at a ratio of up to 50% and used in existing aircraft engines and airport infrastructure without any modifications.

In recent times, Emirates has been making strides in the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) to power its flights. The airline achieved a significant milestone earlier this year by successfully completing the first 100% SAF-powered demonstration flight in the region. This is in addition to the airline’s first flight powered by SAF blended with jet fuel, which took place in 2017 on a Boeing 777 from Chicago. Emirates has also uplifted blended SAF for flights from Stockholm and currently operates flights from Paris, Lyon, and Oslo with blended SAF fuel.