Thursday, April 18, 2024

SDREAM: All-terrain folding e-Bike

The team of expert engineers at SDREAM BIKE has designed and developed a new superbly foldable electrical bicycle that will amaze you with its performance. Introducing SDREAM- the smartest, most stylish and strengthened e-Bike designed to fulfill all your needs on the road.

Engineers included new technologies in the field of a bicycle that will enhance the cycling experience to a new level. They added technologies like VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) and GPS. It is not that easy to get more power while pedaling less. But it’s all have been possible with SDREAM.

SDREAM is designed to get smooth riding in any condition. It comes with the fat tires that enable it to drive smoothly in all the terrains. Its powerful motors enhance and save your strength to enjoy more with less pedaling. In addition, it’s compact and foldable design allows you to take it anywhere you go.

This e-Bike has a unique outlook which involves the hydro-forming technique-a craft that uses fluid and high pressure to shape the tube into a strong and aesthetical piece.

Let’s discuss its features in details:

The 20-inch fat tires of SDREAM can take you anywhere. It could be the best companion for both commuting and outdoor activities, with features like outstanding shock absorption, high anti-puncture performance, and stronger wear resistance.

It comes with Tektro disc brakes that ensure a complete control on different surfaces. Reliable mechanical brake makes stopping smooth, safe and so easy to maintain.

SDREAM’s extra protection from middle suspension makes off-road adventures easier than ever. It comes with 7-speed gearing coupled with a Shimano rear derailleur for smoother shifting. This allows you to choose the appropriate gear for various terrains.

Lights are all about your safety. During low light lighting, SDREAM provides all-around visibility. It is equipped with a set of ultra-bright, all-weather front, and tail light.

SDREAM comes with embedded motors, ranges from 250W to 750W. The 750-watt motor allows it to reach speeds of more than 20 mph or 32km/h and offers assisted travel of up to 50 miles or 80 km per charge.

It has an extremely powerful 48V 14Ah lithium-ion battery, which gives a long-lasting performance. It comes with functional charging ports, enables you to power your devices.

This e-Bike is completely safe. The hidden battery case ensures electrical system safety. It is supported by a precise electric powertrain which perfectly balances the efficiency between power and energy.

SDREAM: More Power in less Pedaling
SDREAM: More Power in less Pedaling

Moreover, with SDREAM, you can move by pedaling, hybrid or full electric modes as per different conditions and your personal fitness level. The electric power helps you to amplify your physical strength. Also, you can explore an unpredictable riding experience.

Additionally, the torque sensor offers to drive motors directly into their maximum speed.

SDREAM: Provide Most Accurate and Timely Output
SDREAM: Provide Most Accurate and Timely Output

Now, you no longer need to worry about the parking and being stolen. This e-Bike comes with a built-in GPS and vehicle electrical system (VCU). With SDREAM App you can monitor your e-Bike easily in real time.

You will be notified via the phone when an unauthorized moving is detected, and to know where it is taking place and where it goes. If it falls accidentally, you can also rescue it at once. Feel free to leave SDREAM alone, it will always be there with your next ride!

SDREAM: Full Record of your Riding
SDREAM: Full Record of your Riding

Including all these facilities, the app will also keep the record of e-bike status, riding data, and mileage analysis to your smartphone through Bluetooth.

SDREAM is fully waterproof, dustproof and anti-theft. So, feel free of all the fall out that could occur in your furious riding.

It comes in different colors like vibrant red, space gray, pacific blue, moonlight silver and more. Choose your favorite one and enjoy a different riding experience ever.