Monday, July 22, 2024

Pigzbe: The future of pocket money

Managing money would be a fundamental need of the 21st century. You cannot afford your child to be illiterate in terms of currency. Here is the Pigzbe, a piggy-wallet not a piggy bank to literate your child finance management.

Pigzbe came to life from years of study with kids, parents, teachers, economists and product designers on a search to reinvent pocket-money in the digital world.

The result is a handheld ‘piggy-wallet’ and an educational app, Pigzbe, powered by a new digital currency (Wollo). It teaches children ages 6+ how to earn, save, spend, share, and budget money. It is a fun, and handheld wallet for your child’s digital expenses.

Every Pigzbe wallet comes with enough Wollo to play and engage with right out of the box, and complete over 10,000 transactions. You can buy Wollo online, in any currency, and exchange them for other digital and everyday currencies from anywhere.

You will be able to spend this currency in the real world by using a Visa card. (offered by Pigzbe partners in selected locations, for an additional fee).

This piggy-wallet will notify you timely of new allowances, tasks, and rewards. It will also unleash new knowledge to learn as you earn. Pigzbe is designed with a companion mobile app. This is to enable the family members to send money to a kid from anywhere in the world securely.

While this app is a playful interface for kids. They can set saving goals, learn about budgeting, sharing and spending through the app.

It empowers parents to engage with their children’s financial education. You also can invite other family members to join in using blockchain. This will help them to send minimum 5 cents from anywhere in the world.

Parents can set chores and tasks for a kid to complete and keep a tab. Rewards will be credited to Pigzbe for good behavior. It helps a kid to develop good habits and nurture them.

Pizbe interface
I Pgizbe interface

D. 128 LED lights
E. Speaker
F. Haptic Engine
G. 2x buttons

A currency utilized to educate a kid is Wollo. It is a new currency designed to make learning about money playful and fun. Buying and exchanging this currency is simple like other digital currency.

The Pigzbe app enables you to use this currency by sending pocket-money or a gift to a child. You can change it to everyday money once a saving goal is achieved.

This is how it works…

Pigzbe comes with all the requisite parts to achieve desired goals.

  • Pigzbe Device
  • Pigzbe App
  • USBC charging cord

Technical specifications

Pigzbo Technical Specifications
Pigzbo Technical Specifications
  • Dual-core XTENSA® 32-bit LX6
  • AES/RSA/ECC/SHA hardware encryption
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • 24 x 8 LED matrix display
  • 6-axis motion sensing
  • Dual push buttons
  • Vibration
  • Audio
  • ABS Case
  • Height: 60mm/ Width: 98mm/ Depth: 12mm

Filippo Yacob, Pigzbe founder, said, “I’ve always been aware that physical money was slowly going to disappear.”

“But there was no alternative to the traditional physical piggy bank for the digital world; no way for that family micro-financing to happen in order to educate our children.”

“Pigzbe fills that gap. It caters for globalized families. It works across boundaries. It’s instant, taking just a few seconds to send a Wollo token from one parent to a child. And it’s extremely cost-effective, perhaps thousands of times cheaper and faster than other systems out there.”

Children can check their pocket-money and can set their saving goals. They can even spend their own money on the things they want. It eventually teaches them about independence.