Friday, April 19, 2024

Orro: the truly intelligent lighting system for smart home

A team of Orro can see a future where your home is a place that not only welcomes you but takes care of your needs. Out of their unpleasant experience with sleep and related problems they designed and devised an intelligent light switch. It understands you and your needs to support a happier and healthier life.

However the creator had found the solution then, he learned the science behind that solution. He noticed and understood a link between light exposure and many aspects of our biological health, which was researched well before.

After several attempts in numerous ways to implement this science to make life better, he finally has created the ‘Orro Switch’.

This product is the result of joined efforts of many incredibly talented colleagues, patient and visionary investors, and gracious beta participants who have all invested themselves deeply in realizing a first product, the Orro Switch, they say.

The Orro Switch is the world’s most advanced responsive and adaptive home lighting system.

Orro: the truly intelligent lighting system for smart home

“It uses data from an array of sensors (not cameras) into a complete and coherent picture of when, where, and how you use light in your home. Orro introduces natural lighting rhythms into your home with sunrise and sunset lighting transitions that mirror your morning and nighttime routines, and automatically adjusts their levels over time to help you wake up and fall asleep more naturally.”

Gradually it will learn your preferences and smoothly Within a week of using it like you would any lighting levels to your activities.

Orro is designed to last long and it will last a minimum of ten years. It is designed to be easy to use and install. It hardly will take 15 minutes and some simple household tools. This smart device is compatible with voice assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to set levels of brightness and trigger patterns for your Orro Switch.

Also, Orro works with all types of light fixtures and bulbs, it got you covered with all lighting occasions at home.

Each Orro Switch contains its own microprocessor, like a mini computer. Everything, including all the smart stuff, is built into the device itself; nothing essential is in the cloud so your lights won’t ever go offline.

They explained, “The Orro lighting system can function without relying on the internet and because we value privacy, all of Orro’s features are opt-in—from what it senses to what data you share. Best of all, while we offer an app with extra capabilities, Orro works without one—you don’t need to use a smartphone for anything other than the initial setup.”