Thursday, May 23, 2024

LIGHTFORMER designed to be the world’s most adaptable worklight

In this fast pace world, none of us want to get any hindrance while working. So as to meet a similar mission to help you stay functional, a company named LIGHTFORMER introduced the world’s most adaptable magnetic, telescoping, rechargeable, tripod LED work light.

The idea for LIGHTFORMER actually born on the airplane by a Midwestern inventor as he required a pocket-sized, hands-free spotlight to light up his work. After years of efforts, the X10 was brought to market and embraced by numerous Americans.

However, this actual product is developed by engineers at Lighting fo Impact.

This team of Lighting for Impact consisting of engineering experts having great experience in lighting business and other related works. They together have put their efforts to give it a regular flashlight like appearance and unpack the ultimate experience immediately.

It devised a command light for any situation, with a 360° swivel head to direct precise light at any angle, and in every direction.

LIGHTFORMER X10 designed with a magnetic head and base to unlimited uses, applications and mounting alternatives. In addition, you can charge it with any USB compatible system such as Home, Auto, solar and more.

The world’s most adaptable work light is developed with a base which extends to the tripod position for sustainability and support in all mounting options. It is a versatile tool usable anywhere and offers bright light.

Technical Specifications of LIGHTFORMER
Technical Specifications

It has a feature to adjust the brightness with its low/high mode that is 30/90 lumens. Also, the head includes beam scope adjustment.

Use of Lightformer X10 is so far similar to a regular flashlight you may use.

Its magnetic head and base allow you to use it anywhere. The most prevalent use of this light is while reading, camping outdoors, for home projects, at the workplace to light up the vicinity. Also, you can use it hands free when servicing your bike or car and for many similar countless purposes.