Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Oonee Mini pod promises 10 bike parking spaces in place of one car

Cars are everywhere on city streets, and so are bicycles. While the four-wheelers have thousands of options in and around the city to park, the options for bicycles are limited. Safe bicycle parking is a crucial aspect of micro-mobility and infrastructure in cities. Despite this obvious need, the vast majority of cyclists do not have access to safe, smart, or attractive parking.

Oonee, a startup made up of two young New Yorkers, Stuart Shabazz and J. Manuel Mansylla, tried to tackle the issue. The startup has introduced its ‘Minibike pod,’ a smart, modular, and customizable pod that delivers up to 10 high-quality, secure bike parking spaces in place of one car. Oonee Mini has been designed with hundreds of technologies and design innovations to make life easier for cyclists while respecting the beauty of the places.

Oonee Mini pod promises 10 bike parking spaces in place of one car.
On the top, there are custom Greenery and planting boxes for plantings. Credit: Oonee

Inside, there is an air pump that provides free and easy air, with hydraulic sliding doors offering easy automated opening and closing. On the top, there is a planter box, ideal for keeping in tune with nature and create a welcoming environment for cyclists who are looking to store their bikes safely when necessary. Oonee Mini features smart access technology, which allows for unlocking via the smartphone app or the keycard, eliminating any chances of bike theft.

Each Mini pod comes with customizable accent cladding and colors that can provide an individual touch to unique settings and streetscapes. Besides, a scratch-resistant powder coat paint helps protects Mini from vandalism and damage, while its glossy finish ensures that pods are reflective and visible during evening hours. Interior lighting allows cyclists to find their bikes inside Mini, even during the darkest hours of the night.

Oonee Mini pod promises 10 bike parking spaces in place of one car.
Exterior Accent Lighting for warm illumination and placemaking. Credit: Oonee

Thanks to an initial sponsorship from VOI, the company will bring the two first Oonee Mini to the streets of New York City this Spring. Oonee hopes its network of micro-mobility-supportive smart infrastructure can fundamentally change urban streetscapes.