Friday, May 31, 2024

Nike’s new Adapt BB 2.0 shoes tie their laces automatically

Only a few could dream that the shoes would tie themselves one day. But the noise from the engine in the Adapt BB sneaker gives us a little sense of “future”.

Last year Nike presented its Adapt BB basketball shoe, in which the brand applied self-lacing tech for the first time. And now the company released its new generation self-adjusting shoes, the Adapt BB 2.0, which is ready to go on sale this Sunday. This futuristic sneakers, debuted at the feet of Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies, during 2020 NBA Rising Stars.

Nike has highlighted more improvements in this model that evolves compared to the previous one with developments that pass through the Air Zoom Turbo. It provides better cushioning, a reimagined midsole to give a better movement, or the elastic mesh on the top that converts Nike Adapt BB 2.0 in a shoe much easier to put on the foot.

Adapt BB 2.0 that buckle alone with your smartphone.
Adapt BB 2.0 buckle alone with your smartphone.

Nike teaches us in this 2020 a bit of the future with these spectacular Adapt BB 2.0 that buckle alone with your smartphone. Through an application, you can accurately regulate the pressure level of the laces, or do it manually with physical buttons on the base of the footwear. As for its autonomy, these self-lacing shoes has a rechargeable battery that from Nike says that it would have a charge for more than a month with a full charge, and after that, you should use the pad included in the box to recharge the battery.

A stretchable ballistic mesh throughout the upper promises sufficient strength and durability for what a high-performance athlete demands.

The Nike Adapt BB 2.0 will go on sale from February 16 for the price tag on $400.