N-hug: World’s smartest self cleaning water bottle

Nasty plastic is changing the way of living on planet earth. Our need to keep the body hydrated now importune us to buy plastic water bottles. N-hug brings the smartest solution to save the planet to some extent from plastic damage. It is self-cleaning bottle uses UV-C technology and is 99.99 percent bacteria free.

Human has reached to the edge where they need to say no to “Plastic.” We are using these harmful plastic bottles knowingly that they are detrimental to environments and eventually to us.

They stated, “Our Team analyzed all the factors and designed a bottle called “n-hug,” which means nature’s hug. This is made up of quality material and utterly free from chemicals. To give extra features and comfort, we used technology solutions.”

This bottle devised with several features such as it is recyclable, reusable, rechargeable, insulated, and its ability to clean itself. N-hug bottle is crafted with UVC-LED technology which purifies water. Also, it neutralizes water up to 99.9 percent of harmful, odor-causing bacteria utilizing UV-C LED light.

N-hug bottle is amazingly user-friendly. Just fill the bottle up anywhere and press the cap to activate UVC light and water will be clean in 60 seconds. Your water is now ready to drink, which is BPA and other toxins free.

The bottle is made from Stainless steel as it is one of the few materials that is reflective for UV light. On the touch of a button, it activates UVC light to bounce around in the bottle and cleans nooks and crannies better than other plastic bottles.

N-hug bottle design
N-hug bottle design

It is engineered incredibly from lid to bottom. The touch screen is equipped on the lid with LED Lattice Screen and charging port along with PCB board. Down there is the battery and air-elastic monitor inside the main structure and UVC LED. The LED light is equipped to blink when you touch the button to activate UVC light.

N-hug bottle core
N-hug bottle core

N-hug bottle is designed with three walls for better insulation. The outer layer is the powered coated Stainless Steel, the second layer is made from insulating copper, and the inner layer is made from Stainless Steel. Do not compromise with your health carry the N-hug water bottle with little effort.

You can carry this bottle anywhere in any season. It will keep hot water hot for 15 hours and cold water as it is for 25 hours. It is waterproof, sweat proof, and spill proof.

The bottle has water carrying capacity of 620ml, and its diameter is 70mm and length is 236mm. The material used to design this bottle is an 18-grade stainless steer. Total weight of this bottle is 0.41 pounds.

N-hug features
N-hug features

It is designed with countless features such as you can track your water intake, know your water temperature smartly, improve your skin complexion, energy level, productivity, and creativity. Also, it regulates and improves your immune system.

The N-hug team has designed a mobile application to help you track your hydration goals. It is compatible with Android and iOS, and a fantastic app for water consumption tracking also has Bluetooth connectivity.



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