A mouse-sized USB vaccum cleaner can clean anything at home

Get rid of inconvenience caused by traditional cleaning tools, clothing sticky hair, confetti crumbs, or pet hair everywhere? You hit the right page.

Recently, a tool called ‘Ineyes’ introduced on the market of pocket-size, wireless, and offer strong suction to clean almost anything dirty at home. It is efficient enough to help you rescue the awkward moments outside your home too. For instance, you can carry this tool in your pocket and can clean the sticky hair on the clothes anytime anywhere.

This the most portable and detachable vaccum cleaner can suck up stone, sand, cat litter, fine dust, food residue, pet hair, and more. Amazingly effective cleaning is done by a tool that weighs just 100g.

Ineyes Nozzle
Ineyes Nozzle

Besides, Ineyes devised the Nozzle that can be used to clean the dirt of the narrow gap by inserting. You would find it best to clean up the keyboard.

Ineyes equipped the 1000mAh Lithium battery. It offers one hour of working in two hours of single charge. Whereas, vaccum cleaner is designed with multiple connection modes such as car charger, power bank, computer, and adapter.

Exceptional USB vaccum cleaner uses a drone motor with a Professional ESC. It then provides a large suction for a small body. Also, devised a high-speed Brushless Motor with 30,00rpm.

Ineyes Layers
Ineyes Layers

This vaccum cleaner is unique in all aspects. It is created by a new type of fiber material, can be washed for times and environmentally friendly. As shown in the picture, it can filter up to 2.5microns.

The independent dust box, washable, capacity 66ML, anti-fallback design to meet your daily cleaning needs. The brush can collect the garbage and brush up the stubborn dirt. However, the flannel design is for hair removal of fabrics.

Ineyes Brush
Ineyes Brush

A tiny button on Ineyes surface is utilized for all operations. Just simply turn it on/off to do any of the above-mentioned cleanings. The children also can use this tool. It can help to prevent several every day cleaning problems.

It comes with USB charger, Ineyes device, extended mouthpiece, and manual.

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