Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Monster: The world’s first app controlled smart power station

Energy is essential in all areas of life. Life would not exist without a stable power supply. Therefore, we have now ‘Monster’, the smartest fastest portable power station. It is the world’s first power station devised with wireless charger and App to provide uninterrupted power all day long.

The Monster can charge nine different devices simultaneously. The 372Wh massive capacity battery can power several home appliances inclusive of a flat TV. It may accomplish all your power need all day every day.

Built-in Qi Wireless Charger, works for iPhone X, Samsung S8, and all the Qi devices.

Monster's different ports
Monster’s different ports

The 100,500mAh (372Wh) capacity can charge iPhone 38 times or keep a 20Lmini fridge working for 12 hours or fully charge a 13″ MacBook Pro 16 times. Monster is devised with 2x 120V AC Outlets, 1x 60W PD USB-C port, 3x 15W USB ports, 1x 12V DC port, and 1x carport. It has a built-in Qi Wireless Charger which covers all the ports you may require indoor and outdoor.

It is equipped with the USB C port that supports the fastest 60-watt power delivery can charge your MacBook or get Monster fully charged in just six hours with the built-in wireless charging. You can simply place smartphone on the top of Monster and get your phone charged instantly.

The cigarette lighter socket provides convenient DC output when you are traveling. If in case there is no other power supply, you can charge with a 50-watt solar charging pad. This pad gets charge enough in just twenty minutes of sunshine.  It provides enough power to fully charge your iPhone.

The smart power management system allows you to monitor the monster battery level and turn the outputs ON and OFF as required. As well as it monitors the power of output on the app or on the panel.


Hence, Monster is just not a battery it is a true power station that can power all the devices you may need in times of emergency or for outdoor adventure.