Monday, July 22, 2024

Mahindra unveils its new four-wheel-drive Global Pik Up concept

India’s one of the largest vehicle manufacturers, Mahindra, has unveiled its new four-wheel-drive Global Pik Up concept, based on the rugged and versatile New General Ladder Frame platform, at the Futurescape event in Cape Town.

Mahindra’s research and development teams and engineers conducted in-depth research to gain insights from diverse countries, shaping the vehicle’s design to meet customer preferences.

Pratap Bose, Chief Design Officer, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., said, “Design is the cornerstone of our success, shaping our identity and paving the way for our global acceptance. The Global Pik Up’s rugged, dependable, and purposeful appearance appeals universally, reflecting a desire for adventure and exploration. The satin-finish titanium-gold paint highlights the vehicle’s ultra-durable New Gen Ladder Frame platform, embodying the ‘GO FAR’ aspirations that define this Mahindra Pik Up. Its versatility and capability, enriched by cutting-edge technologies, signal a transformative shift in what a lifestyle pickup can be.”

The Global Pik Up is designed at Mahindra India Design Studio (MIDS) on the principles of being rugged, versatile, and capable, aligned with the standards of pickup technology to fulfill diverse needs without compromising quality or appearance. The multi-purpose customization for the modern world reflects Mahindra’s image of their authentic lifestyle pickup.

The Global Pik Up is engineered to deliver performance, safety, utility, functionality, and robustness, combining functionality with aesthetics, offering a comfortable and reliable driving experience. Its exterior is built to withstand demanding conditions. At the same time, its interior is designed for comfort, luxurious touches, and a spacious layout.

Mahindra’s intelligent 4Xplore four-wheel-drive system further expands the pickup’s capabilities, making it suitable for adventure and various environments. It has been designed to be a versatile, robust, and stylish vehicle. It is ideal for many applications with a large cargo bed and towing capacity, offering practical solutions for various tasks.

With safety as a core focus, Global Pik Up will be integrated with Level-2 ADAS, All-Around Airbag Protection, Drowsy Driver Detection, and more, making it the safest pickup. The Pik Up aims to meet global standards using advanced safety technologies, including a 5-Star rating.

For the user who wants a dependable pickup truck with an excellent, aesthetically pleasing and challenging, and robust pick-up, which offers great safety features, the Global Pik Up presents itself as a well-rounded option.

The Global Pik Up will also feature Trailer Sway Mitigation, 5G Connectivity, an infotainment system, and immersive audio.

The concept represents a well-considered approach to Mahindra entering newer international markets while strengthening its presence in existing ones with a range of world-class products, beginning with the Global Pik Up.

The Global Pik Up aims to provide unmatched practicality and features to meet various needs. By completing the highest global and local safety standards, this pickup promises the user practicality and peace of mind.

Mahindra’s global plan to launch the Global Pik Up and a range of new products initially in existing markets, including South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, Africa MENA & SCA, which will be the first step to strengthen and expand Mahindra’s presence. Then Mahindra will introduce Global Pik Up in the ASEAN markets. The goal is to simplify the pickup lifestyle for a broad range of consumers worldwide, normalize the experience and establish Mahindra as a significant player in the global automotive landscape.