Thursday, April 18, 2024

Lunaz electrifies classic cars to give them an eco-friendly second life

Seeing a classic car is a unique moment; people turn around to see them. Its beauty is undeniable, whether it is good relics of the past or not. Now, in an increasingly electrifying world, a company called Lunaz Design has set out to give these classic vehicles a second life to prevent them from simply becoming part of a museum.

David Lorenz, the founder of this new start-up, has been driving classic cars for years. Lorenz wanted his daughter’s generation to experience the magnificence of vintage automobiles without dealing with age-related mechanical issues, so he decided to take the initiative and find a solution. Thus was born this company that electrifies classic cars to give them a second (or third) life.

Jaguar XK120 is being electrified

The company is reintroducing classic cars on the market, restored and converted into electric one via new powertrains designed and manufactured in Silverstone, England, under the technical guidance of former Renault F1 technical director Jon Hilton.

The company starts with old Rolls Royce and Jaguar

Under the name of Lunaz, named after the founder’s daughter Luna, the company is currently working on two classic cars – a Jaguar XK120 and a Rolls-Royce Phantom V. Two cars with very different interiors.

The Jaguar XK120 has a twin-engine system that can generate 700Nm of torque and 375 hp installed and will be powered by an 80 kWh battery pack. On the other hand, the much larger Rolls-Royce Phantom V will have a 120 kWh battery. The Phantom V is a big car, and as such, uses the largest battery pack made at Lunaz to give the longest range possible. It will easily run all day long in city traffic for a chauffeur.

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Rolls-Royce Phantom V
Rolls-Royce Phantom V

To determine the original weight distribution after removing the engine, fuel tank, transmission, and exhaust tract, the car is digitized and equipped with 3D software with the new components to re-model the original load.

Lunaz also makes changes in the interior

In these classic electric cars, not only is the assembly hidden under the hood modified, although the design has been respected as much as possible – they are also trying to adapt these vehicles to the new needs. For instance, the touch screen integrated into the dashboard, and that supports technologies such as satellite navigation or music streaming via Bluetooth.

The Phantom V is a big car and as such uses the largest battery pack
The Phantom V is a big car and as such uses the largest battery pack

What’s more? Modern six-piston aluminum caliper disc brakes are fitted on the front and four-piston versions on the rear with electrically powered servo assistance and adjustable brake bias. The car features steel wheels clad with the original stainless steel hubcaps and fitted with whitewall tires. Besides, the classic Monza style aluminum filler cap hides a CHAdeMO fast-charging socket, and the car also has a type 2 AC socket for regular speed charging.

These car models that for now only the British Royal family is allowed to use more often in official events will have a second life for an initial price of £350,000, equivalent to $428,000. Lunaz plans to slowly scale this business to 100 cars by 2025.