Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Levante unveils Origami inspired portable and foldable solar panel

As global carbon emission increases from fossil fuels-based vehicles and coal-based electricity generating methods, renewable energy sources such as solar panels are essential as they do not emit carbon or harm the environment. However, solar panels have a high initial cost of purchase and a higher cost of installation. Also, it needs lots of space, and they are large and bulky to carry around.

To overcome these problems, Levante has developed a portable and foldable Origami solar panel. Its unique patented design combines high-level motorsports engineering and high-quality components. It can provide solar energy wherever you needed.

Foldable solar panels are a portable and efficient way to capture solar energy. These solar panels come in useful when you have limited or no access to another power source. It can provide energy to power up your appliances, devices, and more.

These systems commonly contain a battery, charge controller, and inverter. They can power various loads for camping trips or RV travel. Some are configured like portable solar generators and are also helpful during power outages.

The Origami solar panels are available in 330W and 500W foldable solar panels.

The 500W panel is 20% lighter and 40% more compact than other foldable solar panels. It has a quick deployable design lets you generate energy in less than a minute.

The 500W Origami solar panel uses Monocrystalline silicon cells with 23.4% energy conversion efficiency and can generate 500-watt peak power. The solar panel has three sections of solar panels. These sections can be connected in series or parallel, giving you different outputs depending on your needs. If these panels are connected in series, the maximum power voltage is 109.2V. If connected in parallel, it has a maximum power voltage of 36.5V.

Lavante Origami solar panels
Lavante Origami solar panels and traditional folding solar panels side-by-side. Credit: Lavante.

The panel weighs 13.5 kg (28 lbs) and has a composite rigid structure and marine-grade zips between modules. Each module has its junction box with MC4 cables, Matt black finishing, and Eyelets to fix or hang the panel.

When the foldable solar panel is closed, it measures 40cm wide, 7.5cm thick, and 119cm height. When opened, the Origami solar plate is 165cm wide, 2cm thick, and 270 cm high.

The 330W Origami solar panel is also 20% lighter and 10% more compact than traditional foldable solar panels. The net weights of the solar panel are 9 Kg (20 lbs), and it can generate a peak of 330 watts of energy.

The 330W panel has two sections of solar panels. It measures 165cm wide, 2cm thick, and 180cm high when opened. This panel has a maximum power voltage of 73V when connected in series and a maximum power voltage of 36.5V when connected in parallel.

The 330W and 500W Origami solar panels have retail prices of $1999 and $2999, respectively.