Lanmodo Vast: 1080P Full-color Night Vision System

Driving at night can be very difficult when compared to driving during the day. According to a lot of reports, most of the car accidents happened at night and many of them were caused due to poor visibility and bad weather situation.

There are many night vision systems available in the market to overcome this night vision problem. But they are black and white and also do not provide a high-resolution image of the road to the driver.

You must be interested in the new product by Lanmodo. They designed and developed a 1080P Automotive Night Vision System named “Lanmodo Vast”.

Lanmodo Vast vs in-built night vision system
Lanmodo Vast vs in-built night vision system

This system can be a Driving Safety Assistance for people who drive at night. The drivers don’t need to stare the screen of it all the time, but cagey assistant with clear and bright road feedback from it when the driving situation is bad like weak light, rainy weather, etc.

Lanmodo Vast is the exact device that you were looking for!

It provides a full-colored image of the road with the full HD resolution of 1080P for better visual effect and makes safe driving. The Lanmodo Night Vision device has a big 8.2 inch HD screen display that sits on your car’s dashboard. It makes your vision, even during the night as clear as broad daylight.

Full-color image, reflect the real situation.
Full-color image, reflect the real situation.

When you are driving at night, a low and high beam light is not enough to present you a clear view of the road. The Lanmodo Vast is of 36° HD wide-angle vision, presenting a broader view of the road. Besides, its night vision distance extends up to 300m, so drivers can know the road situation in advance to take measures and avoid accidents.

36° Vision, Night View Distance up to 300m/984ft
36° Vision, Night View Distance up to 300m/984ft

It is made of IPS screen which helps you to judge the road quickly even when driving at the high speed on the highway. The system also provides a full-color image and reflect the real situation.

Night rearview camera system and its features:

The night rearview camera provides a vision of 170° and of 720P resolution which gives you a clear view of the road behind to avoid bumps. It is IP67 waterproof, no worry about being damaged by rainwater.

In addition, the night vision system will automatically change to rear view once the camera has been connected to the reversing lamp. The connector line of the rear view camera can be up to 600M to suitable for almost all car models.

East installation:

The installation process of Lanmodo night vision system and a rearview camera is really easy. Just fix the night vision system onto the non-slip mat, then attach the mat to the automotive dashboard. Or hook the system to the suction cup, and attach the suction to the windshield.

Lanmodo vast: Easy Installation
Lanmodo vast: Easy Installation

Then, simply connect it with your cigarette lighter or OBD adapter, then they can work well.

24V to 12V Voltage Converter
24V to 12V Voltage Converter

It also comes with 24V to 12V voltage converter, which is specially designed for 24V vehicles, including some trucks and large passenger cars. It is equipped with three cigarette lighter inputs and two USB ports to charge the mobile devices, bringing much convenience for you.

What’s more?

It works with total accuracy during the night and also provides clear vision in foggy conditions, or on rainy days.

Keep safe driving in various driver-unfriendly situations.
Keep safe driving in various driver-unfriendly situations.

Moreover, this affordable Lanmodo Vast night vision system requires very low maintenance. The product is for all car types in the market and is easily compatible with any car on the road.

Lanmodo 1080P full-color image night vision system will be useful for those truck drivers who always driving at night. Meanwhile, it will be helpful for those people like Myopia or old person with a vision problem.

Additionally, with an external power supply, the night vision system can also be used for night activities, such as night fishing, photographing and etc.


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