Kintell: The world’s first Smart Health system for seniors

It’s time to plan a healthier, happier life for your senior citizens at your home. A team with vast expertise across multiple disciplines have guided Kintell, the world’s first smart, healthy system.

It is carefully crafted to support aging family members. It would be the perfect personalized guide to help our loved ones to improve health. Kintell also boosts confidence and let them stay at home for longer independent.

The Kintell Smart Health System is a set of wirelessly-connected devices to enable the guide of healthy habits. They say,  “In addition to our 6 Core Habit Programs, designed by experts, Kintell is packed with useful features that include everything your aging loved one could possibly want in a home assistant, designed specifically with their needs in mind.”

Kintell Experts Explanation about routine
Kintell Experts Explanation about routine

“Kintell’s Healthy Habit programs were designed alongside experts across 6 core habit categories — including Hydration, Medication, Nutrition, Exercise, Brain Health, and Sleep.”

It houses a perfect care program. Smart health system integrates features such as an innovative alarm clock, nightlight, intercom, emergency key, medication reminders, and more. It helps you monitor the daily routines and healthy habits of seniors.

“Activated by light and motion sensors, the nightlight illuminates trip hazards by projecting a bright, downward facing light in a wavelength sensitive to circadian rhythms to maintain healthy sleep patterns.”

It triggers an emergency alarm promptly by detaching the magnetic key. Through the app, it initiates a notification to people in care circle immediately. Also, an automatic alarm that wakes up at right time and if snoozed can reschedule the entire day habit program.

Kintell Technical Features
Kintell Technical Features

Kintell is voice interactive whereas, it will not interact unless and until you press the button. It is to ensure your rest. Its visual and auditory pill reminder help our loved ones to remind of taking medication and refilling prescriptions timely.

It is designed with a dedicated Kintell app. The mobile application will share data and insights securely with people who are in care circle to stay in touch. There is intercom to enable microphone and dual-speakers to communicate readily between separate rooms in the home.

Printed Circuit Board inside the Kintell
Printed Circuit Board inside the Kintell

It devised with BLE/WiFi ESP32_WROVER Module AS312, PIR sensor, 2.4-inch SPI Display Screen, two 8 ohm/1W speakers, two 6022/-40db Mic, and seven SK6812 RGBW LEDs. Its dimensions are as 4in*5.3in*4.37in.

With Kintell personalize habits intelligently adapt to your day. You can use this device anytime, anywhere such as a care home, hospital, and home. Now carry your health and independent anywhere you go with Kintell Smart Health System.

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