Thursday, April 18, 2024

JUPITER 3, the largest commercial communications satellite

The Hughes flagship Internet service, HughesNet, connects millions of people across America, and the Hughes JUPITER system provides Internet access to millions around the world.

Hughes Network Systems, an EchoStar company, provides broadband equipment and services, releasing their JUPITER 3 ultra high-density satellite.

JUPITER 3, also known as EchoStar XXIV, is built by Maxar Technologies in Palo Alto, CA, and it is the largest satellite Maxar has ever made. The satellite is engineered to deliver gigabyte connectivity to North and South American customers. It is highly anticipated next generation Ultra High-Density Satellite (UHDS) will double the capacity of the Hughes JUPITER satellite fleet.

Hughes’s powerful communications satellite will support in-flight Wi-Fi, maritime connections, enterprise networks, backhaul, and community Wi-Fi solutions for mobile network operators (MNOs) and satellite Internet connectivity across North and South America.

JUPITER 3 communications satellite features a new architecture based on various technological advances, including electronics miniaturization, solid-state amplifiers, and more efficient antenna designs.

With dense, high-throughput capacity across the US, JUPITER 3 will also support applications such as in-flight Wi-Fi, enterprise networking, and cellular backhaul for mobile network operators (MNOs).

Hughes’ JUPITER 3 satellite is equipped with lots of spectrum such as Ka-band, plus Q- and V-band for gateways and fourteen solar panels to transform sunlight into electrical power for the operation of the satellite.

The stowed size of the satellite is about the size of a school bus, and solar arrays of deployed size are ten stories tall.

“As the leading provider of satellite internet to rural customers across the Americas, we are proud to begin a new era of connectivity with the launch of JUPITER 3,” said Hamid Akhavan, CEO of EchoStar. “Doubling the capacity of our satellite fleet with an additional 500 Gbps, JUPITER 3 will enable us to serve more customers, especially where cable and fiber can’t, so they can do everything they want—including work at home, study online, play games, engage in their communities, and stay in touch with family and friends.”

When fully deployed, Hughes’ JUPITER 3 satellite, the largest commercial communications satellite ever built, approaches the wings of a commercial airliner. With JUPITER 3, Hughes will expand its HughesNet offering to customers in the US and Latin America with more broadband capacity and higher speed plans – some with speeds up to 100 Mbps.

The company will also offer the High-Speed HughesNet Fusion plan, an innovative low-latency home Internet that leverages multipath technology to seamlessly blend satellite and wireless technologies for faster, more responsive service than traditional satellite Internet.

“Since inventing satellite internet and bringing broadband connectivity to remote and rural customers, Hughes has continued to advance our service offerings with more capacity, higher speeds, and a better online experience,” added Akhavan. “JUPITER 3 represents the next leap in our offerings, bringing HughesNet customers what they have been asking for more data and higher speeds.”

Hughes’ JUPITER 3 satellite will launch from Kennedy Space Center, and SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket will launch the satellite. You can watch the live streaming of the JUPITER 3’s launch on Hughes’ official website.