Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Jinko Solar delivers its SunGiga energy storage system in China

The solar technology company, Jinko Solar, has announced the delivery of a 430kWh energy storage system project in Zhejiang, China, with the company’s SunGiga (JKS-215KLAA-100PLAA), a liquid cooling commercial and industrial energy storage system.

SunGiga includes high-performance lithium iron phosphate batteries, efficient liquid cooling, advanced protection, and intelligent monitoring. It combines high capacity, integration, safety, long life, fast installation, easy maintenance, and expandability. It is ideal for commercial and industrial users to reduce energy costs with PV+ storage solutions.

Jinko Solar’s SunGiga commercial and industrial energy storage system offers a modularized design with various battery capacity options from 200kWh to 2MWh. It is designed for applications requiring two to four hours of energy storage.

SunGiga is made by the combination of several components, including a lithium-ion battery, liquid cooling system, Power Conversion System (PCS), Energy Management System (EMS), and Fire Suppression System (FSS). This solution simplifies the transportation, installation, and operation, and maintenance processes associated with energy storage solutions.

Liquid cooling technology helps SunGiga to achieve lower battery temperature differences, extending battery life and significantly improving charging and discharging performance. Liquid cooling systems significantly reduce thermal management energy consumption compared to traditional air-cooling designs. Automatic state of charge (SOC) calibration and automatic coolant refilling substantially minimize operation and maintenance costs.

SunGiga ensures even heat dissipation and reduces auxiliary power consumption by more than 30% through intelligent frequency control and various control methods.

“Jinko Solar is one of a few companies offering both PV panels and ESS solutions. Our solar-plus-storage comprehensive solution, particularly liquid cooling ESS optimized for C&I markets, will ensure lower power pricing, and double energy security, all while helping to tackle the climate crisis,” said Dany Qian, VP of Jinko Solar.

SunGiga was pre-commissioned to set all parameters before leaving the factory, reducing start-up time on site.

Safety is a top priority for battery system technology. Jinko Solar’s SunGiga offers comprehensive safety design from the cell, electrical and system levels. AI-assisted cell monitoring technology performs the high-precision online computation of cell status. It provides an early-stage warning to prevent thermal runaway. In addition, automatic charge and discharge state calibration ensures system reliability and effectively reduces operational and maintenance costs.

Jinko Solar’s SunGiga has an intelligent management system that adjusts energy storage and discharge modes to ensure stable power grid operation and also maintains stable performance, efficiency, and reliability, even in demanding operating conditions.