Tuesday, May 14, 2024

ITRI’s window tech tells sightseers about what they’re looking at

When you’re on a sightseeing bus, the last thing you want is to be caught up in searching for information about the attractions. Not only does it distract from enjoying the scenery, but it also delays getting the details you’re curious about.

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), a technology research and development institution in Taiwan, will showcase the AR Interactive Vehicle Display at CES next week. It is a transparent display that allows passengers to view and interact with augmented reality (AR) content without the need to wear any devices in a moving vehicle.

A transparent microLED touchscreen panel covers the entire inside surface of the window glass, and an eye-tracking camera is located above each window of the bus. These cameras track the direction of a passenger’s gaze, and the touchscreen panel displays a photo of the attraction they are currently looking at.

Using GPS data, the system can determine the vehicle’s current speed and geographical location, allowing it to identify the specific attraction that the passenger is viewing. A small photo of the attraction is displayed on the microLED panel next to the passenger’s actual view of the attraction.

If the passenger wants to learn more about what they’re looking at, they can touch a visual cue on the screen to access detailed information. This will cause information to appear in text boxes around the view of the attraction without obstructing the actual view. The system can be customized for various modes of transportation and incorporated into vehicle windows, in-car displays, and personal mobile devices.

This technology could be used in various types of sightseeing vehicles like trains, tour boats, or gondolas. ITRI has already implemented similar technology in public aquariums to provide information about the fish they’re presently viewing on display.