Saturday, June 22, 2024

Hypersonix, Kratos team up on hypersonic systems for U.S. security market

Kratos Defense and Security Solutions and Australia’s Hypersonix Launch Systems on Aug. 9 announced a new teaming agreement to provide the Hypersonix DART AE Hypersonic System integrated with Kratos’ Zeus family of solid rocket motors within the U.S. national security market.

Under the agreement, Kratos committed to initially procure up to 20 DART AE systems from Hypersonix, once the combined flight system has been successfully completed and demonstrated.

The DART AE is a remarkable technology that is designed to advance the field of hypersonic technology. It is a three-meter-long, single-use, high-temperature alloy, hydrogen-fueled, scramjet technology-driven, autonomous, multi-mission, air-breathing hypersonic platform used to develop, demonstrate, test, and evaluate hypersonic technologies and for “other” potential hypersonic applications.

As per the initial specifications released by Hypersonix, its Spartan propulsion will accelerate the DART AE craft to about Mach 7 (5,370 mph) and have a 620-mile (1000 km) range. According to the company website, the DART AE will be the world’s first entirely 3D-printed airframe of a hypersonic launch platform in high-temperature alloys and will run on green hydrogen.

With Kratos’ Zeus and other rocket propulsion systems, Kratos and Hypersonix are committed to delivering an affordable, high cadence, high availability, overall hypersonic capable system and vehicle to the customer community.

The Exclusive Agreement with Kratos will also expand Hypersonix’s presence in the U.S. and promote the sale of the DART AE system within the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and other potential U.S. National Security markets.

Kratos brings significant relevant experience to the partnership with Hypersonix. The company notes in its press release that it has previously launched multiple Australian hypersonic missions in collaboration with the Defense and Science Technology Group (DSTG) and the University of Queensland (UQ) for the investigation of fundamental hypersonic sciences and technologies.

“Both Hypersonix and Kratos view the Teaming Agreement as an important step towards rapid future hypersonic flights in the United States,” the press release notes.