Thursday, April 18, 2024

HyperPower’s ultra-high-performance e-motor designed to propel Hyperloop

An Australian company, HyperPower Technologies, has presented its latest creation: an electric motor with a whopping 1000 kW (1360 hp) of power with a super compact size. This is almost three times the power of the two engines of a Tesla Model 3 in the “Performance” model, which together produce 450 hp.

At 17 inches (43 cm) in diameter, the engine is called the QFM-360-X, with the initials of ‘Quantum Force eMotor’ at the beginning. According to the engineers at HyperPower Technologies, the 43 cm diameter machine can be used individually or in combination with several units.

The above figure would already be enough to violate all the legal road limits in a normal electric car, but this engine is designed for other types of unusual vehicles. That is why the Australian company has designed this engine to be scalable. Up to ten of these electric motors could be mounted on a common axis to produce an incredible total output of 10 MW (13,400 HP).

This motor is the culmination of my career’s effort and a notable milestone for our team to now have the X-series prototype in production, with volume assembly running in parallel. Our planet’s first brutally race-specific electric motor and we’ve innovated many novel technical attributes to achieve such,” Michael Fragomeni, Founder and Managing Director of HyperPower Technologies, said in a statement.

To demonstrate the engine, HyperPower teamed up with Top EV Racing, which produces electric dragsters.
To demonstrate the engine, HyperPower teamed up with Top EV Racing, which produces electric dragsters.

To show the world what the machine is capable of, HyperPower teamed up with Top EV Racing, which produces electric dragsters, and built a drag vehicle designed for drag racing. Four QFM-360-X engines have been mounted on it, delivering a combined power of more than 5,000 hp (4,000 kW) and 21,000 Nm. The result of this is a performance that is difficult for the average human to assimilate: it was able to accelerate 0-200 km/h in 0.8 seconds and 530 km/h in just 3.7 seconds over the standing 300 meters. The maximum speed, in this case, is 612 km/h, which can be reached in less than 5 seconds.

Despite the enormous performance, the QFM-360-X HyperPower can be operated at low voltage. This increases the security of systems equipped with it. In order to promote the product, Fragomeni and his team will soon break several world records with their e-dragster.

This electric motor has already entered production, but its applications will not be limited to the field of competition and acceleration racing. According to the manufacturer, its engine can be used in sectors such as aerospace industry (electric aircraft), mining vehicles, high-speed railways, including hyperloop, and even in hypercars. Its new technology should also be suitable for super electric cars – even an engine would make one of the most powerful sports cars possible.

A car with only one QFM-360-X engine would already be as powerful as the Koenigsegg Regera, one of the fastest cars on the planet, equipped with a combustion engine capable of producing 1,782 hp and taking it to over 400 km/h.