Monday, May 27, 2024

Spherical cage-like robot can roll in any direction and fly like a multi-copter

US-based automation machinery manufacturing company Revolute Robotics has unveiled its autonomous Hybrid Mobility Robot (HMR). This spherical cage-like robot can roll in any direction and fly like a multi-copter using two gyroscopic gimbal rings which also helps it to avoid obstacles or fly over it.

HMR is a robot that can switch between driving and flying to collect data where no other robot can. This robot can safely fly in confined and complex spaces without the fear of crashing. HMR rolls on the ground to extend operating over five times longer to conserve energy.

The HMR’s lightweight exoskeleton is somewhat deformable, making it a neat little shock absorber for landings. This robotic hamster ball rolls, tumbles, and bounces over rough terrain, helping to isolate electronics from excessive vibration.

This flying robot is designed to serve a variety of applications, including inspections in confined spaces, automated security patrol, construction and mine mapping, and military surveillance.

With a combination of LED lighting, stabilization sensors, and a robust transmission system, the robot enables inspection beyond the visual line of sight (BVLoS). Therefore, this robot can boldly go wherever it’s too dangerous to send humans, which makes it useful for military purposes such as course search and rescue and bomb disposal – anything that might help avoid putting a human in danger. There are also potential mining applications, such as assessing older mineshafts for structural integrity.

A hybrid mobility robot (HMR) can maintain continuous situational awareness with swarms of robots working together at large sites. It has interchangeable cameras and sensors to meet the needs of inspection crews, security services, first responders, and more. This robot uses intuitive mission planning algorithms and can operate autonomously with minimal supervision.

With all these advantages Revolute Robotics’ hybrid mobility robot (HMR) is very useful in various fields of work and industries such as inspection, security, and defense.